2 New Nikon’s Incoming – Including Nikon Z5ii?

Nikon is going to announce Two New Cameras this Year

While Nikon has just discontinued two camera lines, two new cameras are expected to be announced this year. One of these new models is expected to be the rumoured Nikon Z30 which is supposed to be coming later this month. However, not much is known yet about the second camera and there are multiple reports claiming different cameras.

It’s difficult to know which rumour, if any, is correct. One of the rumours suggests it will be a Nikon Z5 II or Nikon Z4 which isn’t that likely considering entry level full-frame models are losing popularity. There’s also one claiming it will be a Z8 camera but this might be too similar to the Nikon Z7 II which already exists. So far, the most likely out of the current rumours seems to be a Z6 III with a 30+MP sensor with the claim that Nikon is done with 24MP sensors.

Hopefully Nikon will announce the two new camera within the next few months.

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