A Free Leica R-D1… sort of!

Epson has discovered a box of lost Leica clones it made and will lottery them off

Epson has made a surprise announcement on its Japanese website (https://www.epson.jp/ec/event/r-d1/) about the discovery of a box of lost camera styles after the classic Leicas and Voigtländers. The camera in question is the Epson R-D1 which is a rangefinder digital camera which launched in 2004 which was very unexpected for the company at the time. However, the Epson R-D1 didn’t last for long considering it was big, heavy, expensive and didn’t quite fit with the times.

The company has announced that they intend to offer all 30 of the lost R-D1 cameras in a free lottery for anyone who fits the requirements to enter. Sadly, you need to own an original R-D1 camera to enter and be able to show evidence of this while. It’s also only open to residents of Japan.

Epson has confirmed the lost cameras needs some cosmetic work to replace decayed grips and don’t come with batteries or chargers. Once the work is done, lottery winners will be getting a free as-new camera with digital imaging tech from another era.

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