Adobe Auto Tone In Beta

Adobe take the pain out of colour correction with new auto tone feature.

Lets face it, colour correction has to be one of the hardest elements of video editing to crack. I’ve been correcting and grading videos in Premiere Pro for years now, and I would still consider myself something of a willing amateur.

A host of tools, improvements to the lumetri colour panel and the availability of LUTs (like our own Mega Bundle) have all strived to make the job easier, but still us editors in small teams struggle.

Adobe have today announced the arrival of an improved auto correct feature, called Auto-Tone. Designed to replace the ‘Auto’ adjustment button (which never works in my experience!) Auto-Tone will sit within the ‘Basic Correction’ panel and work by affecting the parameters within.

If nothing else, this will work as a great starting point and if tuned right, could well do a great job for you. I’d say in all likelihood, this will still require manual intervention, but it will serve as great places for colour-idiots like me to gain more confidence in the lumetri colour panel.

The public beta of Premiere Pro, with this new feature is available today for all Creative Cloud subscribers to download.

About Auto Tune

Auto Tone uses new technology to apply intelligent color corrections in the Lumetri Color panel. Auto Tone adjustments are reflected in the Lumetri sliders so that you can fine-tune the results. Try Auto Tone today in Premiere Pro (Beta) and share your feedback with us as we refine the feature.

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