AndyCine C7 Monitor Review

In the world of 4k review monitors how big is too big and do you really need one more than 5inches… Well according to AndyCine you do and they sent us the C7 to prove it!!

The Andycine C7 is a 4k, 7Inch touchscreen monitor that packs a fair amount into it’s £270 offering. 

It’s a super bright, fully dimmable upto 2200 nits display, that has a native 1920×1080 resolution. Now I know at the top of this video I said 4k, and although not technically true, the monitor is capable of receiving 4k HDMI signals and will passively pass these through to the HDMi output. 

It’s far more fully formed than a lot of the lesser brand monitors too, featuring all the assist and filmmaking tools you could hope for. From controllable peaking, Waveforms, Vector Scopes, histograms, Audio levels, false colours & most impressively a 3d LUT import feature. This allows you to load on your own LUTs via an SD card for easy and more accurate review of your LOG footage. 

Really that feature isn’t for us filmmaker per-se, but it’s actually a really great tool if you have anyone else on your set, such as the paying client who wouldn’t understand why your log footage looks so flat. 

So clearly AndyCine have packed a lot into this offering and by doing are clearly going toe-to-toe with the current monitoring trend-setters like Atomos & Small HD. But rather than talking specs, lets get to using the C7 and seeing the good & bad points of this 7” Review monitor.


Straight off the bat, this is brightest and possible largest touchscreen monitor I’ve ever used. Even under the glare of sun light or the studio lights it’s really easy to see. They say the 2200 nit display is 4X brighter than a computer monitor… I don’t think that’s an actual scientific measurement, but you get the picture. 

The touchscreen isn’t the most responsive, but it works. All the controls, features and assist tools really do their job and just make the process of filming easier. It short, this just does the job with minimal fuss or recognition needed.


The build quality isn’t great, thats the first thing I’ll notice, it definitely feels like a lightweight and plasticy design – It’s certainly not cheap, but not quite the hardy construction I’d hope for considering it’s price point. 

Finally, and my concern with the C7 is the fact that it’s 7inches… it’s actually too big. This is definitely oversized for use as an body monitor, it’s way too big, especially for DSLR styled bodies. Really this monitor comes into it’s own when you move it away from the camera, maybe mounted on a light stand on set, like a directors monitor, then this 7 inch size really starts to make sense. 


So for me, the product is incredible value – a fully formed, 4k 7inch review monitor for under 300 pounds is amazing value. For sure this sits in a really competitive price point for a 7inch monitor. If you’re in the market for purely an onbody only monitor, then the 5 inch Atomos Shinobi for the same price is a better buy. But if you want those extra inches, then the AndyCine C7 offers a great bang for your buck.

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