Best Budget Camera Backpack Under $50

So you’ve been looking for a new camera bag. We are not talking pro gear, you’re thinking i just need something to take my camera gear in incase there’s a good sunset. I mean you may be thinking pro gear… BUT theres a problem you’re a cheapskate. You want the £200 bag with that brand on it, but you want to spend more like £40. Don’t worry you are in the right place!

The ESDDI Camera Backpack caught my attention on Amazon, rated 4.9 out of 5 and with a price tag of just £49.99, however it is currently on sale for just £42.49. It covers all of the essentials you are going to want or need from a camera bag with its generous size and compartments.


The first thing you notice is the simplistic design, plain black with a Reflective strip giving you some safety at night. Turn the bag around and there is another nifty safety feature of a whistle formed in the buckle that secures the straps. Not something you thought you needed but great for getting attention. 

The external mesh pockets can easily hold a later bottle and there is also strap for your run and gun tripod. I love it when bags give you secret compartments for hiding stuff away and here you get a Hidden anti-theft pocket safely store your valuables against your back when carrying. The bag is made with water resistant materials and comes with a waterproof rain jacket to give it total protection.

Inside the bag there is plenty of storage. You can fit a couple of cameras, audio equipment, headphones and a few lenses. The Main compartment is REASSURINGLY sturdy, There is also a internal strap to reduce shock and keep the camera and lens from falling about.

The dividers are adjustable, so like all good camera bags it can be organized based on your needs. Should you need to travel with a change of clothes you can simply remove the padded dividers and you have a large space to arrange as you please. 

To accommodate life on the go this bag has plenty of storage for Accessories, There is a compartment that fits a laptop up to 14-inch  and mesh compartments for storing your various accessories. When using the bag loaded it is comfortable on the shoulders thanks to well covered memory foam. 


For me the bag is a bit smaller than id like. It feels like ive picked up a kids school bag,  Ok im 6’3 so it could be that. I appreciate that the size is pretty much generic for camera bags but for me this is why they are not my go to solution. The perfect bag would be about 4 inches more on width and height.


The camera bag market is full of offerings and a huge price range for them. This bag is clean cut, great for the outdoors, and offers plenty of storage solutions for grabbing your favourite bits of kit and heading out. The thing I dislike about this bag happens to be its strength.. It’s perfect for hand luggage thanks to its size. So if you are in the market for a cheapo camera bag, I will drop a link below for you to check out.

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