Best Budget Tripods For Video In 2021

If you’re in the market for a travel tripod and don’t want to spend loads of money you need to watch this video as I go through my top 3 travel tripods on the cheap… plus there’s a giveaway for a tripod at the end, so win-win!! However, if you prefer reading, then scroll on book-worm.

A quick online search and you see tripod reviews are pretty well covered so I wasn’t going to do a top 3 but…  after looking at  some videos of my bargain favourites i decided they were pretty shit and that i would have to do a top 3 so here i am.

In this video I take a look at:

I’m just going to say it’s 65 inches, the Manfrotto tripod that is. See it’s not in the name but the previous two do have the size in the name, I just want to keep this sounding impartial even though ultimately size does matter and Manfrotto wins!

All three tripods have been chosen because they are tripods that I own and use and most importantly they are all available online for 70 dollars or pounds here in the UK.

So what is it that made these my top three travel tripods,  and which is the best one and why? Well i’ll get to that but first let’s take a look at the The K&F Concept 62 inch.

K&F Concept 62 inch

The K&F’s Compact Aluminum Tripod is lightweight at one and a half kilos or 3 pounds and it has the added benefit of  a detachable leg which can serve as a Monopod. 

The tripod can support a payload of ten kilos which is to say the leg clamps are not going to lose grip way beyond the weight of your camera. Its special feature is that you can invert the central column enabling you to take super low shots with the camera mounted upside down. It reminds me of that scene in Top Gun “ because i was inverted”

The aesthetic of the K&F tripod is certainly quite striking. The burnt orange accents really do look great and it definitely gets extra points for looking the part.

The Bad Bits

The quick release plate is one of the most difficult to release if its done up tight to secure your camera. Once your camera is mounted you try and tighten the securing screw and wonder who was this designed for. There is literally a few mil of clearance between the top of the fastener and the base of your camera.

There is a spirit level bubble on the  camera mount plate, but as soon as you place your camera on the tripod you cannot see the bubble as its under the camera.

Finally if you like a dutch tilt you cant lock the ball head. Yeah the fastener to the ball head has a lovely ergonomic lever for tightening. The real shame here is that when you rotate it.. it hits the camera mount plate if the camera is not level.

ESDDI 64 Travel Tripod

The ESDDI TRIPOD weighs in at one point 3 kilos and it has the added benefit of  a detachable leg which can serve as a Monopod.  The tripod can support a payload of eight kilos which is to say the twist grips on the extendable legs are not going to lose grip way beyond the weight of your camera. 

The Special features of this travel tripod are much the same as the K&F. It has a central weight hook same as the K&F It has press release clips to quickly spread the legs through three stages and through to horizontal at maximum.

Also like the K&F tripod you can go inverted. The central column IS REMOVABLE and can be flipped upside down enabling you to take super low shots with the camera mounted Inverted…

There are some red flashes to brighten up what would otherwise be a simplified design. In an ideal world I’d like a little more of that, but enough of the praise, what should you look out for.

The Bad Bits

The quick release plate has a longer release arm than the K&F tripod but sadly it is still so close to the camera body that it is hard to tighten effectively. And if you do tighten it securely you have the issue of releasing your camera afterwards.

Also like the K&F tripod the spirit level bubble is placed right next to the release plate on the camera mount so when the camera is on the tripod and you want to check if you are level the camera is covering the spirit level making it unusable. 

Manfrotto Compact Advanced

The Manfrotto tripod weighs in at 1.4kg. As this tripod does not feature a central weighted hook it only supports 3kilos of payload. This makes it only suitable for smaller cameras.

The special features on this tripod much like the ESDDI and the K&F is you can go underslung or as I now like to call it INVERTED… But on this tripod it is by far the quickest to switch around thanks to the spring loaded retainer button, much like you would most commonly see on a set of walking sticks.

The Pan and tilt on this tripod are achieved very differently on this tripod, with two ergonomic levers that offer enough length to precisely align your shot and  smoothly pan. They also fold away for travel.

The quick release plate is the best in class although the head is more of a plastic pig than crafted alloy, it still  proves itself as fit for purpose, with a simple lever action,  letting  you mount and dismount your camera.

The minimum size is considerably smaller than the other two tripods,  yet when fully extended  it offers an extra inch on the ESDDI. The Manfrotto Compact Advanced is both a show’er and a grow’er. Even in its small form it has the bright red logo and branding down one leg, and those that know, know you’ve got quality.

Bad Bits

Well you can often find this tripod for 70 dollars online but it normally retails at $100 so you need to shop around.

Ive spent a fair bit of time conserving what else I could add when i realised  it would be rubbish as a professional tripod if we reviewed it in that category , so there’s that.

 But in the travel tripod category… Yeah, I’m struggling.

Final Thoughts

All of these tripods allow you to securely shoot landscape or portrait, they all have a solid place in the top three to consider. But WHICH DO I always pick up for convenience and ease.. 

Well thats the Manfrotto Compact advanced.

This has been a look at my top 3 travel tripods, I’m sure it will need updating over time. There are loads more videos on the channel which are perfect for you if you are just starting out or taking the next steps in film making so be sure to check them out.

I hope you enjoyed this, if you want to read more there’s some links below you might also want to checkout. Remember thumbs show love so be careful where you put them.

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