Best Camera Bag Under $100

The Endurax Camera Bag, Reviewed!

You want a new bag but you don’t want to spend out a ridiculous amount of money? Well I have got a treat for you. No need to spend out on that latest Peter McKinnon bag when this Pete has got you a sweet £60 Endurax DSLR Camera backpack. Thats right McKinnon fans i saved myself £300 quid and you can too!

The Product

Now, not all camera backpacks are the same. Yes we expect there to be nice soft compartments for all our precious camera gear but.. Beyond the soft cosy housing in our bag, we want to travel light. Many bags on the market now meet the niche audiences: There are specific drone, camcorder, and DSLR bags.

But what I really like about this bag by Endurax is it suits more people for everyday use. At its heart it feels like a photographers bag, so its great if you film with your DSLR as there is plenty of space for the accessories you need. 

This is the bag you pick up when going out for a walk, the bag to take to the office. No matter if you are a Graphic Designer or an estate agent or vlogger this bag is perfect for a daily carry.

Beyond safe storage for your DSLR there compartments for a 15 inch laptop and maybe even your lunch!! There is even a handy external strap for your light weight tripod. So with that said lets look at the best bits of this bag.

The Good Bits

I particularly love the easy access “the bag within a bag design” of this particular set up. It allows you to access your camera equipment with ease it’s like the Russian doll of bags.

The messenger camera bag (camera sling bag) that is revealed inside the bigger bag is exactly as you would expect. Its well padded and comes with compartments to set up as you prefer.

Within the main bag there are a good number of compartments to store audio equipment and your other camera accessories such as your memory cards and batteries.

In the main compartment you have storage for a 15” laptop and you will also find a velcro floor to the dividing floor which separates the messenger bag compartment. This section of the bag easily allows for storage of your daily travel goods such as spare batteries and compact lighting.

The materials used are listed as high-density water resistant polyester. I’m not sure i would want to overly expose it to a test – but I will take Endurax’s word for it and personally treat it as shower proof.

Endurax have considered the important issues of travel with this backpack and perfectly meet the  restrictions for “carry on luggage”

The Bad Bits

So what’s not to like?  Well this camera bag is what you would call a “Light Camera bag” it is NOT your go to kit bag. It’s not aimed at professionals. I would call it more of a grab bag for a trusty every day carry. You definitely wouldn’t turn up to shoot any long form content with what you can carry in this set up.

Also if you are looking for the cheapest camera bag, this is not it. Some of the amazon basics offer enough space for more lenses too and can be found from £40.


This is a vloggers bag, it’s the bag you get because you love photography or shooting video for your own channel. It definitely isn’t intended to be a studio kit bag for a professional. 

I wanted this bag as a every day carry for my home camera set up. I have a ten year old LowePro bag which is still going strong but definitely has signs of exhaustion. Will this bag age as well as my LowePro? Well perhaps thats another blog! 

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