Best Beginners Camera Rig Under $/£500

Building The Best Beginners Camera Rig For Under 500. We share a great option for your first vlog cam set up in 2019 that doesn’t break the bank!!

First Vlog Camera Set Up 2020

First up, is the most important part of this set-up, the camera…

Coming in on the used market at around £250-£300 we have the Canon EOS 7d Mark 1.

Yes it’s 10 years old, and no it doesn’t shoot 4k or 120fps slow mo. But what it does do is offer you a really top end camera for next to no money. It’s 18MP APS-C sized CMOS sensor will shoot a really good quality 1080p video and enable you to use all of canon’s EF & EFS glass.

You get all the premium features and build quality you’d expect from what was a £1700 camera when it was released, all for less than some of our tripods cost. The price point on the used market puts this in the same category as some of the basic entry level Canon’s, such as the 200d, but with a used Canon EOS 7d MK1 you get fantastic photos, great video quality and a build quality that will likely far outlast anything else in it’s price point.

Essentially it’s a great option for any vloggers or new videos shooters out there, looking for awesome results, on a low budget, straight out of the camera. 

Next up is the lens.

Coming in at around £60 on the used market, we have one of the most popular and versatile canon lens of all time – the Canon EF 50mm F/1.8

Having a lens that weighs only 130g is a huge bonus, especially for vlogging or run n gun filming. It’s truly the type of glass you can slap on your dslr, use all day and forget about, and for that I truly love this little guy.

Sure, it’s has some shortcomings, but none that make this a bad choice for any type of filmmaker. The AF motor is noisy and a little slow, as it used the DC motor. But this lens really makes up for that with decent optics, a fast aperture and by rendering a really pleasing and natural aesthetic. It’s a great, low budget & versatile bit of glass, that will undoubtedly follow you throughout your entire filmmaking journey. 

Microphone, check!

Audio is vital to video, so this list wouldn’t be complete without a good quality microphone option. 

Coming in new at £64 is the Rode Video Mic Go. This cold shoe mounted mic, covers all the bases you would want from a vloging microphone for your dslr camera.

Firstly the audio quality, which is a huge step up from any internal microphone. It’s also incredibly easy to use, being entirely plug n play, with no batteries or switches. Power is supplied via the 3.5mm audio jack from the camera to the microphone, meaning it has an always ‘on’ design. and talking of design, it has a cardioid pick up pattern, which means it’s very directional, rejecting unwanted noises from the sides and rear. That, combined with the integral suspension mount and foam windshield, make this mic really easy to use and gain great results form. 

For a cheap, lightweight, cold shoe mounted mic, it’s hard to find something that offers you a better bang for buck than the Rode VideoMic Go

Tripod, Grip or Gorilla Pod?

And finally no vlogging set up would be complete without a handheld tripod or camera support.

And it’s no surprise that here I’ve gone for the Joby Gorilla Pod 3k. It comes in at around £40 and offers one of the must versatile camera supports on the market for vlogging or run n gun filming. 

Now make no mistakes, these supports are full of shortcomings and I’ve been more the scathing of them in the past, the build quality isn’t great and they’re a little unreliable as tripods!! But for a rig of this weight and size, there’s little else available to you that offers the comfort and versatility at this price point. So all things considered the gorilla pod isn’t a bad option for you. 


Canon EOS 7d Mark 1£250-£300*
Canon EF 50mm F/1.8£45-£60*
Rode Video Mic Go£60
Joby Gorilla Pod 3k (stand only)£30-£40
*price is preowned

So there you have it, my full vlog set up for under £500. Of course all the parts of this are interchangeable and I’m sure you may well have your own ideas or discover better options as your filming journey progresses. But I know that if I was offered this setup when I started out, that I would’ve achieved some incredible results with it that far outstrip that £500 price tag. 

🛒 Canon EOS 7d Mark 1 (pre-owned)
🛒 Canon EF 50mm F/1.8 (pre-owned)
🛒 Rode VideoMic Go
🛒 Joby Gorilla Pod 3k (stand only)
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