Top 5 Pre Owned Canon Fit Lenses For Video

Top 5 pre-owned/used Canon Fit Lenses For Video. These are the lenses that offer the best value for new filmmakers on both apsc cameras like the 80d & t3i as well as full frame canon cameras.

Canon EF-S 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6 IS STM

Yes the dreaded kit lens, but at £80 pre-owned, this EF-S mounted lens offers quite a lot of bang for your buck.

Straight off the bat, there’s not a lot that’s great about this lens. It’s not got a quick aperture, it’s optically a bit lack lustre & certainly doesn’t have the credibility of the L Series Red Ring… but, for a bargain lens for video it’s actually pretty practical & versatile. The STM AF is not only really accurate & fast, but is also genuinely silent, far far quieter than the USM motor found in the more expensive Canon lenses. So quiet you can use it with an on-body microphone and not hear it in the recording.

The lens is a versatile & lightweight all day carry for vloggers and incidental shooters. It’s the kind of lens you can strap on your DSLR and forget about, because it will do an adequate job in most scenarios in an un-assuming & silent way. For it’s price & versatility I’d say you’d get a lot of mileage out of it for video. 

Canon EF 50mm F/1.4 USM

Fast 50’s are an almost must have for any video or photo shooter and that’s because as a focal range it’s the one that’s closest to being the same perspective as the human eye. There’s many really technical reasons why a prime fifty like this is a great choice for your lens bag, but it’s suffice to say that it renders an image that has very little distortion & a very pleasing and natural looking image.

The Canon F/1.4 USM comes in at around £200 on the used market, which is significant as it’s almost half what they cost new & for that you’re getting amount of optic quality for your money. In short, it’s a beautiful lens to work with & renders a lovely bokeh in your video. It’s main drawbacks come from not having IS and using the noise USM AF motor, but these are easily forgotten when you see the quality of the image the lens renders. 

Canon L series 16-35 F/4 IS

This Ultra-wide angle zoom lens is our go to video lens. We use on both our APSC DSLR’s and on our main C100 for filming, in fact we’re using it right now. And firstly I know there’ll be cries from some of you saying that an f/4 is too slow, and yes it does suffer slightly in low light situations with that slower aperture, but the trade of you get is the awesome bult in image stabilisation, which is imperative for the type of filming you’re likely to do with the 16-35mm. 

For us it is the lens we strap on our camera and forget about, the kind of lens you can vlog with all day. the ultra wide angle enables us to shoot with two people in frame at all times and also is great for handheld & selfie style filming. All in all it is the lens we use daily and at around £700 used we’re never disappointed with it. 

Canon L series 24-105 F/4 

The Mark 1 24-105 is by far the best value & most versatile L series lens you can get. Coming in at around £450 used, it represents the step up in quality you’d expect from a premium lens, whilst covering pretty much all the focal ranges you need in video. And also at the price point it’s hard to find anything you can buy that will offer as much to you as this lens does.

Sure the F/4 is a slow aperture and in truth that’s the biggest drawback for it. However the IS, decent optics and wide focal range really mean it’s the kind of lens you can use all day for most scenarios. I’d go as far as to say that if you can only afford one premium lens, then this is the one you should go for as you’ll get the best value out of it.

Sigma 35mm F/1.4 Art

This is certainly a case of last but by no means least, as it is truly my favourite lens on this list. Considering you can pick these up used for around £400 is incredible. The image quality they render in your videos far outstrips anything else in the sub £1000 category. Even new at £700 they still represent an incredible investment.

The biggest drawback is the lack of image stabilisation, which will mainly be an issue for vloggers & run n gun handheld shooters. But this is far outweighed by the absolutely stunning image quality it renders. If you want a beautiful images with incredible bokeh, for interviews or talking head pieces then this lens is a must have & at it’s price point, you won’t be disappointed. 


So this is certainly not a exhaustive list of the best video lenses, far from it. Rather my selection of the best 5 purchases you can make for video right now, that offer the best bang for buck. They all obviously do very different things and at vastly different price points, but they are all lenses we’ve used, loved & continue to use on a daily basis. 

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