Best Video Tripod Under $500?

Miliboo MTT609a Video Tripod With Fluid Head Review

How often do you start a google search with “Cheap professional video tripod”? Well in this article I share my result just for you, a Pro level Video Tripod for under 300 dollars, the Miliboo MTT609a.

The MTT609A Professional Video Tripod by Miliboo isn’t necessarily the first name you think of when looking for quality video tripods, but this offering from Miliboo is a low cost option that has really impressed me. It features a Fluid Head and 75mm base featuring a Ground Spreader design.  You also have the benefit of spikes with retractable rubber feet.

The aluminum tripod legs are secured by flip locks and when locked, stand at a maximum height of 66 inches. On the road this is not the smallest companion, when collapsed down the tripod is 32 inches in length. It is also a noticeable load to carry in the padded carry case that’s included, as it weighs in at 5 kilos. For such a solid tripod it comes as no surprise it can securely operate with a payload of up to 15 kilos on it’s pretty robust fluid head. 


Ok, my top two favourites right out the gate. It feels solid and the fluid head has to be one of the best for under 500 dollars. In use, it reassures you with its sturdy stance from that wide base. The tubes are chunky ranging from 22mm and smallest at 16mm. The fast load top-plate offers both a ¼ inch or 3/8ths male locating pin. 

You can mount your camera with ease with that quick release function but also have peace of mind with the safety catch stopping your camera from coming out due to user error. The fluid head does all that you expect with a vertical tilt of plus 90 degrees to minus 70. There is also an independent Pan and tilt lock.

The load capacity offers more than enough headroom for professional use at 15 kilos. If you were looking for a small jib arm attachment for a tripod – this is the tripod to mount it to. The flip clasps on the legs makes for very easy adjustment for a one man crew on the go, and that is definitely a big plus. 

The fluid head also offers a handy 3/8th thread for mounting friction arms, which is great if like me you like to use a monitor or other accessories when filming. So there’s lots to really love about this tripod and it could be the perfect solution for all you bargain hunters, but before you decide let’s look at the bad bits.


The flip lock leg clasps that secure the height adjustment are plastic, although bulky and working fine today.. I’m pretty certain it will be this that fails first as the plastic ages. By far the biggest and most devastating negative is that mine arrived with a damaged fluid head. The track for the base plate was cracked. While it still functions fine, it is one of those super annoying aesthetic things that definitely compromises my enjoyment of the Miliboo tripod. I could have returned it, but I’m such a child that once it finally arrived I didn’t want to part with it.


This Heavy Duty video tripod is very nearly everything that you will ever want from a tripod. The few negatives can easily be a deal breakers if you can find a better offering on the market in this price range. At present this purchase represents great value, I can live with the damage to the top of the unit, and genuinely hope I am wrong about the longevity of the leg clasps.

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