An Affordable 12K Super 35 Production Camera!!

As we settled in to watching the full live announcement from Blackmagic Design, I like many others in the camera game were fully expecting an updated monitor, maybe a firmware or two and at tops some kind of addition to the ‘pocket cinema’ range.

So when the unassuming aussie unyielded a Usra Mini onto the desk I took notice. When they started showing the UHD footage, I was excited. Then they had us, the image zooms out ken burns style. Revealing an impressive 6k, then 8k. At this point I was invested only for the final reveal…. 12K – TWELVE, in a blackmagic Ursa Mini body.

The impressive specs didn’t stop there, 14 stops DR, 80MP sensor. Oversampled 8K, 4K using the full width of the sensor, awesome skin tones, really maximising the B.Raw codec. High framte options up to 110FPS in 8K and 220FPS in 4K using a super 16 crop.

In truth, the camera is for a select few in the production, it’s certainly not for the casual creators and it’s price tag will reflect that. But the whole raft of incredible tech on offer here, for less than 10 grand is truly remarkable. Really it’s Blackmagic doing what they do best, developing incredible video related technology and then finding a way to make it accessible at a lower price point.

We can’t wait to see this in action, and really hope that we get hands on soon.

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