Came-TV P1200R – Boltzen Perseus RGB Kit Review

TL:DR This kit is unreal. But for those that what a bit more meat on those bare bones, sit tight.

The one thing we’ve learnt on this journey of reviewing camera gear is that you can never have too many lights. But are all lights made equal? Well that’s where this video and our review of the latest offering from Came-TV comes in, the P1200R Kit.

We get to test and review a lot video lights, from small RGB hair lights right through to full high powered key lighting. The quality and price of all of these offerings seem to vary wildly, and often we’re served up with some really nice surprises. As soon as it came to unboxing the P1200R Kit I knew we were in for one of those nice surprise kind of days.

The P1200R from Came-TV comes as a full 3 light kit. In it you get 3 55w RGB Panels from the Bolton Perseus Range. These come with a mains power supply & 3 V-mount batteries for lighting on the go. We also get the remote control and all house in a flight ready Peli Case.

The lights themselves are the 55w RGBDT LED panels. If you’re unsure this means that Came-TV have built these with separate LED’s for RGB, Daylight & Tungsten colours. This not only increases the CRI rating of each colour or temperature, but also adds an extra level of control of your lighting. Here we can achieve a white balance of between 2000 and 10,000 Kelvin at a 96+ CRI Rating throughout the scale. We also get that full RGB colour options, which is independently offered from the Daylight & Tungsten LEDs, all of which deliver an impressive 6,000 Lumens through the front diffuser.

That’s a lot of specs I know, but in truth this is one hell of a lot of lighting. But are they any good? Well lets get to using them to find out.


The build quality is insane for this kit and it’s individual parts. I mean it is to be expected, this is far from a budget offering, this full 3 light kit with case and V-Mount Batteries is over $1200 – but on balance and when compared to other pro level lighting, that is actually on the cheaper end of the spectrum. The Panels are exceptionally well put together, things like the locking clasps, stickability and that ‘yoke’ design bracket are all machined and produced the highest standards, meaning that $1200 investment is going to last.

Ease of use is always an important factor, especially if you’re like us and film in a small two man or even solo team. You want to be able to fly these quickly and if needs be make adjustments without holding up the shoot. The P1200R’s offer just that, super simple to use, with multiple entry points of control. The Rear panels are always my go to and the simplicity of these make them an actual joy to work with. You then have the added benefits of the included remote control, which almost mirrors the rear panels controls with the added benefit of being able to link lights in your kits together. And for the uber millennials out there you can even use a smartphone app, but in truth I don’t know why you would need to.

The quality of light produced is quite simply perfect. Everything about it is exactly what you need, that 6000 lumens output is so powerful that it’s easily more than you’d comfortably need and is perfectly tamed by the integrated diffuser and the dimmer controls. Even when you push the lights into RGB mode, the actual quality of the light isn’t diminished in anyway, which for RGB LEDs isn’t always the case. I think, for once, we may have actually found our perfect on the road lighting kit


In truth these lights and this kit as whole just oozes quality. Every aspect of your portable lighting Wishlist is most definitely ticked with these, from the outright quality of the light produced to the ease of controlling them in a faster paced environment. I would say that if you’re seriously considering these then 100% plump up for the included Peli case, it honestly adds a huge level of portability and quality to your kit and in truth is a no brainer upgrade at $125. I’ve been blown away by this kit, I’m excited to keep using it in work and can’t recommend it highly enough.

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A Complete Quality Kit

A Complete Quality Kit
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