Canon 70d VS 80d – A 2020 Video Comparison

Canon 70d vs 80d – Which is the best value pre-owned DSLR for video?

Canon 70d vs 80d – Which is the best value pre-owned DSLR for video?

Of course a lot of you will know these are two, fairly dated mid-range dslr’s now. But as they both still perform a decent job for the casual video creator, I wanted to take a closer look at them side by side, and help decide which you should go for, if you’re in the used market for a bargain dslr.  

The Canon 70d, released in 2013 is clearly the elder statesman, but you can still find some good condition bodies on the used market for between £300-£400, that’s around half of what the 80d goes for in the same places, sitting at around £500-£600 at the time of filming. 

But is the Canon 80d twice as good? In all honesty no, especially not for video shooters. Both share an APS-C sized CMOS sensor & almost identical form factors. Talking of form the 80d does offer the addition of a headphone jack, and improved battery life by using the LP-E6N batteries. 

The key difference for video really comes down the upgraded Digic 6 processor the 80d features. This allows for 1080p video at up 60FPS. So by no means up to 2020’s high end standards, but it is a minor bump up from the 70d. 

However, beyond that slow motion, the image quality is actually fairly identical in both cameras. They both do a good job at rendering a decent quality video straight out of the camera, and the difference is almost unnoticeable. 

And talking of image, for the longest time the Canon 70d was my only camera & one I truly fell in love with. It’s really easy to use, the Dual Pixel AF which the 80d shares is incredible, still today and the colours where always perfect, straight out of the camera. So by no means are either of these DSLR’s a slouch, even by todays standards, but separating them is almost impossible, cover the badge and they’re pretty much the same camera. 

So there’s very little else that separates the two and beyond their features they both also share some glaring omissions. There’s no 4k, No Flat Profiles or Canon Log, There’s no video assist features such as peaking or zebras & there’s no clean HDMI output. So they’re certainly not a ‘pro’ camera. But in truth these cameras aren’t aimed at users wholly looking for those professional video features. These mid-range DSLR’s are for casual content creators, that want to make videos on the go. They’re perfect for content creators & youtubers working to a fast schedule and for that, they’re still a solid choice. 

Which one should you pick? Well that depends entirely on your budget, but if you can find a low shutter count 70d then you’re not missing a huge amount from the 80d and you get the bonus of saving a little too! 

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