Canon 77d Is It Still Relevant For Video?

The Canon 77d is it still relevant after the release of the Canon 90d with 4k video. Is this the best first vlog camera in 2019?

Released in Feb 2017 the Canon EOS 77d is still sold new today for around £700. On the used market this can drop as low as £500 for a decent condition body. But with the imminent release of the Canon 90d, does this DSLR still have a place for new filmmakers? 

It features the slightly older Digic 7 Processor with an APSC sized CMOS sensor, which records 1080p video at up to 60 fps. This combined with the fully articulating, front facing touchscreen, built in time lapse, 5 axis image stabilisation and the awesome Dual Pixel Auto Focus makes this camera a solid choice for video, especially for vloggers. 

But by now we all know about the specs of this almost 3 year old camera, lets jump in and look at the good bits of the 77d.

Canon 77d, The Good Bits

Ease of use. This camera has virtually no learning curve at all, it is as close to a point and shoot as you’re likely to find in DSLR form. The ability to get really solid results and quality straight out of the camera is huge, esepcially for the type for shooter that’s going to be buying the 77d today. For your first DSLR for video or for YouTuber content creators working to a fast paced vlogging schedule this camera is almost perfect, allowing for great results with minimal workload.

The Dual Pixel Auto Focus adds to this simplicity. Not only is it a super reliable auto-focus system, it’s also super quick. To be fair, it’s been Canon’s signature for a while and users of the 77d will be taking full advantage of that. It really comes into it’s own in that run and gun, vlogging set-up, especially for single shooters, where you may not be able to give your full attention to the monitor. You can be pretty confident that the AF will always be working for you. 

Features such as the articulating touchscreen, 5 axis image stabilisation and Canon’s great colour science just make this camera a solid video shooter to work with. For sure it has some glaring omissions, which I’ll touch on later, but for a simple to use, decent quality DSLR for video, this camera works everytime. 

But with all that said, lets take a look a the bad bits of the Canon 77d.

Canon EOS 77D The Bad Bits

Firstly,  those glaring omissions. There’s no 4k in this camera. Despite it only being a couple of years since it’s release it will still only record video at up 1080p and with that 1080p the max frame is 60fps. So there’s an element of slow-motion available to you, but nowhere near the 120fps we’ve become use to from other cameras of this form. With that said you really have to ask if 4k is important to you and your filmmaking? There’s plenty of arguments for & against and really it comes down to whats important to you & workflow. 

Next up is the lower bit rate of the video. Generally the video codec is pretty low quality, using the IPB compression. That’s not to say that it can’t produce decent looking footage, because it certainly can. But when recording at 25fps the video is a mere 30MBps. This mean there’s very little scope to colour correct or adjust in post without the image degrading. Now when you consider the likely user of the camera it’s not a huge point, but definitely something to keep in mind. 


So when asking the question, is the Canon EOS 77d still relevant now the 90d is released, we really have to keep it’s target audience in mind. For sure this camera lacks some of the features and quality that we’ve now come to expect from DSLR’s. But for a lower budget DSLR that shoots decent video, straight out of the camera with minimal fuss, the 77d is a great choice. So as a first DSLR or for YouTube creators working in a rush, the 77d is still very much relevant in 2019. 

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