Canon 7D Mark i Is It Still Relevant in 2019?

Is The Canon 7d Mark i The Best Value Video DSLR on the used market and is it still relevant in 2019?

Canon 7d Mark 1 – Is this the best bang for buck Video DSLR in 2019?

Originally released in 2009, this flagship hybrid-DSLR from Canon can now be found for around £250-£300 used, but is the 7d mark i still relevant for video, a decade on?! 

It features all the basics any video shooter needs, from the 3inch LCD display, internal mic & external mic input to intuitive & easy to use menus and controls. 

It has 18 MPX APSC Sized CMOS Sensor that shoots video at 1080p at up to 30fps onto a single CF card slot. Being a canon EF-S mount also means you can use the whole host of Canon’s EF & EFS glass on it, so there’s dozens of lens options available to you. But enough about the specs, lets jump straight in and look at the good bits of the Canon 7d mark 1 10 years on.

The Good Bits

The price point. It has to be said, that for the £/$200-£/$300 mark it’s hard to find anything worth buying, let alone a camera of this quality and pedigree. You get a whole host of pro features, good solid video quality & an awesome photo camera to boot, all for that bargain basement price. 

The build quality is excellent, testament to this is the fact we’re looking at one here that’s the best part of a decade old and it still looks, works & functions like new. They’re weighty in hand and feel far more premium than the other cameras that now sit in it’s price point such as the 200d.

It’s an intuitive & easy camera to use and importantly, get good results out of, all without too much heavy lifting. Considering the price point this is now at, that makes it a great entry level option for the newer filmmakers out there. There’s not much in the sub £/$300 price point that you can get that will give you the same great results for both video & photo straight out of the camera. 

The Bad Bits

For me the first & worst part of this 10 year old camera, is that there’s No Continuous AF whilst in video record mode. The AF system is generally a great one, as Canon is well known for, however once you’ve found your focus point and hit record, it’s pretty much locked until you stop recording. You can of course manually focus when in video mode, but for single shooters or one person crews the lack of continuous AF will be a problem.  

There’s a 12 Minute Maximum Record Time, and it’s a really limiting factor for long continuous shoots. It’s an unavoidable thing with filming on a dslr of this age, but not one that defines the camera, because in truth it’s quite rare that you’d be recording clips longer than that length for the type of content your filming with the Canon 7d Mark i. But of course it is something to bare in mind. 

There’s also No Flip Out front facing Screen. In truth this is only going to be an issue for selfie style shooters or vloggers that need that front facing monitor. Actually it’s kind of odd seeing a canon DSLR without one, as they’re almost synonymous with that function now, but I guess that’s the price you pay when looking at a 10 year old camera.   

Beyond these bigger issues there’s the obvious points such as; the lower bitrate, only having standard speed frame rates and no 4k which are all obviously drawbacks in 2019. But with that said, you can still get extremely useable & decent quality results for video, out of this camera. 


As I said previously, it’s very hard to find any camera of this quality at the price point you can now pick up the Canon 7d mark i for. For new video shooters or content creators it offers the ability to get great results for video & photo straight out of the camera. So for anyone looking for a bargain camera to start their filmmaking journey on, I’d throughly recommend the 7d mark i. 

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