Canon EOS M5 For Video in 2020

Canon EOS M5 in 2020, is it still relevant and what makes it a great budget choice for video?

Canon EOS M5, is it still relevant? 

Released at the end of 2016 the Canon EOS M5 can still be found new today for around £600, however those willing to look on the used market can find decent condition bodies for around £300-£400 mark, often with a kit lens.

But what are you getting for your money, and why would even consider this 3 year old mirrorless for video in 2020? 

It features a 24mp Dual Pixel, APS-C Sized CMOS sensor that can record video at up to 1080 at 60FPS. That Dual Pixel sensor allows for the M5 to make use of Canon’s Dual Pixel AF system, and also 5 axis combined IS & EIS. 

The video friendly features don’t end there, with the M5 offering a HDMI output, a titling articulating touchscreen, 3.5mm microphone input and built-in focus peaking & touch focus tools.

But enough of the specs, lets jump in and take a look at the good bits of the EOS M5.

EOS M5 in 2020 – The Good Bits

Straight off the bat is the cameras ease of use. For sure there’s some shortcoming, which we’ll touch on later, but as a casual video camera, perhaps for vlogging, this little mirrorless is a joy to work with. Features such as focus peaking, a decent auto-iso system & Canon’s colours science make it really easy to simply run n gun with this camera. 

But beyond that we have the incredible Auto-Focus system. This not only adds to the ease of use, but quite simply makes this camera a really joy to vlog with. The dual pixel auto focus system is so reliable that you can literally leave it locked on and trust it’ll make the right decisions almost all of the time. 

Add to this the ability to shift the focus point on the touchscreen, with smooth racking, really make this not only an ideal vlogging camera, but maybe even the perfect first camera for video. 

But with that, lets take a look at the bad bits of this almost 4 year old camera.

Canon EOS M5 For Video, The Bad…

If you’re the kind of user that chasing specs, then this isn’t the camera for you. There’s No 4k, there’s no big frame rates and even the bit rate of the video isn’t anything to write home about. In truth, this is far from anything like a pro-camera or anywhere near 2020’s high standards.

But, I’d argue that this isn’t what this camera is for. If you don’t need 4k and want a decent quality camera to capture video easily, with no heavy lifting required in the edit, then this is the camera for you. 

And I suppose, if we’re being honest in critiquing this camera in 2020 you have to question it’s value for money when new. It has seemed to have held on to a relatively high price point, despite releases of plenty of mirrorless alternatives. However if you can kind a decent condition body on the used market, then the EOS M5 does represent a lot of bang for your buck.

In Summary

So in short, this is a camera that purely based on specs has been totally eclipsed by the mirrorless releases in the past 3 years. But, if you’re willing to look beyond the spec sheet and are looking for the ideal, easy to use vlogging camera or casual video companion, then the Canon EOS M5 may well be the perfect choice.

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