Canon EOS R3 Leaked Images

There’s lots of excitement surrounding what looks likely to be Canon’s flagship mirrorless camera and today we get what might be the first glimpses of this camera with some leaked images.

We haven’t yet had anything official from Canon about this camera, but there are a few key things that we do know are likely to be featured in this full frame flagship. We get a flippy, articulating touch-screen! The rest of the ergonomics are what you’d expect from a Canon “pro” camera, borrowing that integrated battery/bottom grip design from the 1DX series. We also get the same AF ON button feature from the EOS-1D X Mark III. Also it’s clear that the EVF window has increased in size which adds fuel to rumours of the Eye Control Auto-Focus system.

With an anticipated launch of 2022, it may be a while before we hear anything concrete about the EOS R3 from Canon, but until then we’ll be sure to keep up to date with any of the news, leaks and credible rumours we hear.

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