Canon EOS R5 First Look

We take a first look at the images of the Canon EOS R5 and confirm the presence of CF Express Cards.

Today we’re lucky enough to get hold of some leaked pictures, the first to show the heralded 8K Mirrorless Power House from Canon, the EOS R5.

Although in slightly less then ideal resolution these are the first images to show this full frame mirrorless in full detail and from every angle. Aesthetically the camera looks almost identical to the chassis provided for the original Canon EOS R, maintaining a weighty yet compact form factor.

EOS R5 Cooling

Interestingly in the pictures there’s no sign of any external cooling or fans. I was expecting Canon to implement an external fan cooling system, like they use in the C range and that we’ve seen used by Panasonic on the S1H. We’re obviously yet to see the performance but it’ll be interesting to see how it copes with the heat generated by shooting in 8k… maybe this leads to speculation of a heavy sensor crop, or even a very limited time limitation.

CF Express Cards

Those with a keen eye will have also notice the size of the card slot door. That is 100% sized for CF Express cards., which is obviously great news. So perhaps we can assume from these images that Canon will perhaps implement a dual CF & UHS2 card slot system, akin to what we’ve seen recently on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6k.

Goodbye Touchbar

Now, I wasn’t totally opposed to the touch-bar on the original Canon EOS R. It for sure need more iterative work and was hoping that Canon would’ve further developed the concept in their future mirrorless cameras. But it seems (from this leaked pics at least) that the new Canon EOS R5 will no longer feature the touch-bar.

All images are courtesy of in Japan.

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