Canon EOS R5 – UnCropped 8K Video & DPAF Confirmed!

The Canon EOS R5 Specs Confirmed & Preview. The 8k full frame mirrorless monster from Canon that will change the video game for good.

It’s got to the point that I’m almost sorry for the amount I’m writing or recording about this camera. But yet here I am again today talking about the EOS R5. That’s because Canon have just made a further development announcement confirming and answering some of the big questions we had after their last bombshell.

8K Confirmed

So we know that it will be able to record 8K video internally, but beyond that we now know that the EOS R5 will be able to do that with an internally stabilised full frame sensor without any crop. So 8K Video internally, full frame, Uncropped, With IBIS.

Dual Pixel Auto Focus

Beyond that crazy headline there’s also some even further news about this new mirrorless from Canon. It will feature the full CMOS Dual Pixel Auto Focus system, when recording in 8K. Just let that sink in for a momment. 8K video internally, with IBIS & Dual Pixel Auto Focus, with that improved eye tracking we’ve seen in the current EOS R firmware. This camera, could change everything.

The Competition

So now we’re looking to it’s competition in the mirrorless/hybrid video market. The Panasonic S1H, for me currently leads the pack. That camera is hands down the best I’ve got my hands on in recent years. The BlackMagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 6k is next up, and certainly leads the pack in terms of value. We have talk of that 8k M4/3 offering from Sharp coming later this year, but from Sony… well not much yet.

Sony do have some rumours surrounding their next-gen APS-C sensors, offering up to 8K and also that the A7S 3 may well also offer this, but still nothing anywhere near concrete, like we’ve seen from Canon today. So clearly Canon have stolen a march on the video world, and truly this new Canon EOS R5 may well be the camera that changes the game for good.

EOS R5 SPECS Confirmed So Far

  • 8K 30FPS Recorded Internally
  • 20FPS silent burst mode photos
  • 7680 x 5120 (3:2) Sensor read out (minimum 39MP)
  • Dual Pixel CMOS Auto-Focus in 8K
  • Internally Stabilised Sensor (IBIS) – Compatible with IS Lenses
  • Subject, Eye & Animal Tracking AF
  • Fully Articulating Side Mounted TouchScreen
  • No Touchbar
  • Included AF Joystick (from the 1DX iii)
  • Likely inclusion of CF-Express & UHS2 SD Cards

Images courtesy of Canon

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