Canon G5X Mark 1 Review In 2019

Is This The Best Budget Vlog Camera? Canon G5X Mark 1 For Video In 2019.

With a convenient form factor, integral zoom lens and most functions catered for in one easy to use body, compact point and shoot cameras have long been a favourite for bloggers and casual video creators and the Canon G5X mark 1 was no exception. 

However since the release of the G5X mark 2, we now see the used market flooding with this 4 year old point and shoot, so the question is, does it’s £300 – £400 price point represent a good value option for a first vlogging camera?

Featuring a 1inch Cmos sensor, the G5x can record 1080 video at up to 60fps. That 1nch sensor is powered by canon’s slightly older digit 6 processor, but still gives the ability to render pretty decent quality video.

With it’s integral zoom lens, the G5x features a for 4x optical zoom with a variable aperture from 8mm to 36.8mm and from F/1.8 to /2.8. Interestingly it also features a 3stop lens shift image stabilisation, with an additional 5 axis electronic IS, which combined is a fantastic feature for vloggers.

Features such as the 3” fully articulating touchscreen, built in ND filtering and OLED Electronic viewfinder are all welcome additions to the casual content creator. But enough of the specs, lets jump in and take a look at the good bits of this 4 year old compact. 

The Canon G5x Mark 1 – A True Bargain?

The Good

First Up Is the Ease of Use – this camera has no learning curve at all, it is literally a point and shoot. In reality, that is huge for the new creator. It not only is easy to use but also renders decent looking results, straight out of the camera without the need for grading or colour correction. Again perfect for the new creator. 

The continuous and touch AF modes are a great tool for the casual creator, for sure they’re not as good here as they are in more expensive canon models, but they do still deliver. 

When combined with that articulating touch screen the G5X really comes into it’s own in that run and gun, vlogging set-up, especially for single shooters filming in that selfie style.

Finally is the quality of image – for sure this isn’t a broll beast and isn’t going to blow you away, but it delivers a simple and highly effective quality of image, straight out of the camera. And in many ways that’s all anyone using this will be looking for. 

But with that said, lets take a look at the bad bits of the G5X mark 1 in 2019.

The Bad

So straight up, it’s lacking in many features that a lot of users have now come to demand even from compact cameras. There is no 4k here, no mic input and aesthetically it is a camera that I feel is showing it’s age. 

Sitting alongside that is the price point. On the used market these are going for between 300-400£ which is a really competitive price point. There’s a lot of more capable cameras available to you here. However few offer the same ease of use and quality straight out of the camera that you get with the G5X Mark 1.

The G5X Mark 1 In Summary

So for sure it’s always hard to fully recommend a camera that’s recently been upgraded to a more fully functional version. But for the new casual video creator the value that the G5X represents certainly makes it a solid choice of first camera. 

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