Canon G5x Mark 1 VS G5Xii // Which is the best compact camera for vloggers?

Which is the best compact camera for vloggers, Canon G5x Mark 1 VS G5X mark ii ?

August 2019 saw Canon release the long awaited upgrade to their Powershot G5X range with the G5X mark 2. With a retail price of £850 and a host of upgrades, primarily for video I wanted to explore if the newer video creator should splash out on the mark 2 or go for the now budget mark 1, which can be found pre-owned for as low as £350. 

The first big difference you’ll notice with the Mark 2 is that canon have hidden the EVF inside the body, electing for a pop design to allow for a more ergonomic and slimmed down design. 

As part of this miniaturisation drive there’s also some key features they’ve had to do away with. Firstly there’s no longer a hot shoe mount on the top of the G5Xii, a feature I really liked on the original G5X

The original G5X Compact

Next is the 3” touchscreen on the rear. The mark 1 featured a fantastic fully articulating front facing design, borrowed from the bigger canon DSLR’s. The Mark 2 loses this articulation in favour of a tilting top mounting design. Both work well as front facing monitors, and the g5xii is a stronger, more durable design. I just have a personal preference for the side articulation design.

Functionality wise there’s a lot that’s not changed about these cameras, especially for photo shooters. Despite using different processors, they both still take advantage of a 1inch CMOS sensor, which in both allows for a really decent quality image, straight out of the camera. 

2019’s Canon G5Xii

However when dig a bit deeper there is one huge separator, especially for video. The G5Xii makes use of the Digic 8 Processor. This allows this camera to film 4K with no crop and 120FPS video at 1080p. The mark 1, with it’s digic 6 processor can’t get anywhere near this, limited to 1080p at up to 60fps. 

The upgraded processors added video capabilities really make this camera fit for 2019’s standards, but with that said I’d argue you can still get decent results from the Canon G5X Mark 1’s 1080p, especially when I consider who the likely users of these will be. 

Beyond there’s very little else that separates the two, for sure the mark 2 does have an added optical zoom range, now up to 5times and it certainly does render a much better quality video. But deciding which one is for you will depend entirely on your budget & whether or not 4K video is important to you & your filmmaking. 

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  1. I care about 4K for continued use of a camera over a longer period of time. Other then that either would work for me. Thank you Blokes.

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