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The Top 3 Alternatives To Epidemic Sounds For Filmmakers

The Top 3 Alternatives To Epidemic Sounds For Youtube

1. Artlist.

Now some of you may have actually heard of this, some indeed may actually use it. For us this is actually our primary source of music for videos, both that we make on our channel and for our clients. Artlist is a huge library of thousands of pieces of music across pretty much every genre that you could want, which is a really important thing for a music library that you subscribe to. It offers a subscription service, so you pay a monthly or annual amount and you have access to every piece of music on the website for the period of your license. What’s nice about that is once your subscription ends, the license for the videos that you’ve already made is still valid. So there won’t be any future copyright claims against you, even if you end your subscription.

So for us it’s the resource that we use the most pretty much on a daily basis. We’ve never run into any issues with it, with regards to licensing or copyright claims and also we’ve never ran out of any options for music which is huge. The library is that big and added to constantly, it just gives us constant and new options for music.

2. Hooksounds

This this is one we’ve only just come across and it’s called, Hooksounds. Much like Artlist, this is a subscription service which licenses to you and enables you to download music from the library to use, pre-cleared in your videos, so no copyright claims.

Now there is a caveat to Hooksounds, a technical detail. You do have to ‘whitelist’ your channel on the back end of their website. It’s just something to do in the accounts page that means that they know that your YouTube channel is the one that the license is applied to.

Now the thing I like about Hooksounds as an alternative, is it offers different music and great quality music at that. The problem with the popular libraries, such as Epidemic Sounds, Musicbed and even Artlist, is that the popular tracks, the great tracks on there are going to crop up quite often on YouTube from different creators. So having some different options, that perhaps you’ve not heard before it’s actually a really good thing.

3. Watermelon Squad/120FPS

This is a bit of a shameless plug if I’m honest. It is the Watermelon Squad or filmmakers club music library, our own music library of around 700 tracks that I’ve created over the years.

Now this isn’t just me showing off, it is available to anyone of you out there that either sign up to Patreon or purchase it from our downloads page. We’ll give you the license to use any of the songs in the library, in any video you make.

Much like with Hooksounds it’s a great alternative, I think anyway, because it offers you pieces of music that you won’t have heard before, and that won’t crop up elsewhere on the Internet.

Like I say, there’s almost 700 tracks in our music library that cross pretty much every genre from classical, right through to hard rock. Everything there that you would need for pretty much any video, all licensed to you for any use.

So there you have it, this is where we find our copyright free music for our videos. Hopefully you find some of these useful and maybe even decide to sign up to our Patreon to get access to our copyright free music for your videos!

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  1. Nice one guys. Personally I've been with Epidemic sound for like 18 months and I love them as I always fine tonnes of stuff that isn't used by the vast majority of people. But These are some good alternatives that I'll have to check out (and maybe switch to!).

  2. Good to know about Hooksounds, hadn't heard of them. Totally with you on Artlist, I jumped ship on Epidemic to use them, as Epidemic is so over-used now. Will have to check out that third one too, the watery fruity one that patronizes, or something like that. Could have potential.

  3. I've been using Soundstripe for a couple of years. Its a good price/quality balance. Not an overwhelming number of tracks to choose from, but they come with different track lengths and instrumentals. Plus their customer service is top notch.

  4. Hmmmm ill check them

    Guys i used your social media templets and its amazing you can check one of my videos and see it

    You are amazing

    Thank you for the tips and info you sharing us in every video ❤️

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