The Best Cameras for Video in 2022

Our ultimate, defintive guide to the best cameras for video in 2022. This is our top 5 cameras that you can buy for shooting video this year. Yes it’s not the usual Canon & Sony culprits here, this however is the top 5 best value cameras for videos that you can buy in 2022.

I break this down into each category of camera, looking at the best full frame camera for video, the best APSC camera for video and the best Micro-Four thirds camera for video in 2022.

With some surprise entries and honourable mentions, this really is more than just a top 5 cameras in 2022 list, this is my favourite 5 cameras that you can buy for video in 2022.

🛒 PanasonicS1H:
🛒 Fuji XT4:
🛒 Lumix GH5 ii:
🛒 Panasonic HC-X2000:
🛒 Original BMPCC:

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