Deity Microphones New V-Mic D4 Mini

Microphone manufacturer Deity have just released a brand-new addition to their V-Mic family; incorporating their 4th Gen 14mm capsule featuring super-cardioid pickup pattern technology into a sleek, ultralight, and portable, simple package titled the V-Mic D4 Mini. Unlike previous V-Mic models released by Deity, the new product emphasises great audio in a simplified kit. 

Despite the impressive affordability and miniature profile of the video microphone, the V-Mic D4 Mini boasts high-quality audio capture, not a notch down from previous Deity products. The new V-Mic Mini even manages to capture directional audio whilst still rejecting sounds outside of the camera’s POV – all in a super sleek package. 

Utilizing an offset shockmount system, the V-Mic D4 Mini really is an ideal little microphone to be used with wide-angle vlogging cameras or action cameras, which it seems this is the type of camera Deity had in mind to be used with when designing the new V-Mic addition. However, a side-mounted audio-out jack makes the V-Mic D4 also a particularly good mic to use alongside DSLR shooters still wishing to use their eyepiece. 

Another great feature of the new V-Mic D4 Mini is the addition of an input jack allowing users the ability to split the stereo of audio tracks, so that they can easily insert a secondary audio source – such as an additional wireless microphone, without the use of a splitter cable.  

What’s really great about the V-Mic D4 Mini is that it encapsulates an amazing microphone system, by a reputable and professional microphone manufacturing company, into a simple, plug-n-play package, with simple 3.5mm AUX input operations, and without the need of additional batteries as it takes all the power it needs via the 3V Plug-in Power directly through your camera’s microphone jack. 

Really, props to Deity for designing such a good compact microphone – it seems this one will be very popular with vloggers and alike, due to its low-profile nature and ease of use. There are no fancy parts here, just straight up amazing mic tech in a small package. 

🛒 Deity V-Mic D4 Mini

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