DJI Action 2 First Impressions

Modular, portable convenience or expensive gimmick?

The much leaked and hotly anticipated DJI Action 2 is finally with us and with it comes the YouTube fanfare of pre-embargo videos dropping at precisely the same second.

Digging a little deeper and taking a closer look at the newest action camera on the market it’s clear DJI have made a bold design and functionality move with the Action2. But is it enough to corner the market or is this modular action camera system more of an expensive tech trap for creators?

DJI Action 2 is water resistant up to 10M

One thing for sure is that it’s always encouraging to see camera companies pushing form and function further and DJI are no cowards on this front. With last weeks DJI Ronin 4D release and next weeks likely drop of the new mavic drone, we see this time and again with DJI.

For sure the Action 2 offers something interesting. A palm sized 4k 120p camera with great stabilisation and horizon levelling/locking functions; plus all the typical bells and whistles you’d come to expect from action cameras in 2021. The magnetic & modular design is an interesting one, with an expensive ‘but’. If the users have all the accessories and mounts, you can quickly move and magnetically remount the camera in seconds and that level of ease of use is always welcome. But it does create an entire new ecosystem of mounts and accessories for creators to buy into.

Beyond this we have my chief concerns, and this isn’t a criticism that is exclusive to DJI, GoPro also fall into this trap and that is, not knowing, truly who the cameras are for. It seems like anything with a camera on is aimed at “content creators” & even more specifically at “vloggers”. And yes these action cameras with their modular magnetic additional front facing screen can be used in that fashion, but it’s surely not the design intention of an Action Camera. Something this small, rugged and with a sensor & microphone diaphragm smaller than your iPhone’s, those vloggers won’t be getting the best bang for their buck. The quality and price equation for vloggers here, just won’t make sense.

Vloging with an action camera?

The other question ringing in my ears, is how will a chassis this small cope with heat dissipation and overheating, whilst recording longer periods of 4k with “rockSteady” enabled. Only time will tell on that one, but I’m almost certain that for the average content creator and vlogger, this camera wouldn’t make a whole deal of sense. However I could be wrong and when (if) we’re hands on with it, I’ll know more. For certain though as an Action Camera, the DJI Action 2 does pack a lot into a tiny body and a fairly good price point, there’s definitely enough here to give GoPro a run for their money. I just wish these brands would keep their tools aimed at the purposes they were designed for, rather than trying to appeal to “everyone.”

Price and Availability

🛒 DJI Action 2 Dual-Screen combo: $519/£455

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