DJI Drop ProRes Raw

DJI have officially dropped Apple ProRes Raw from the upcoming DJI Ronin 4D cameras

The all encompassing camera for the professional filmmaker had it’s official retail launch today, but that came with something of a whispered omission from DJI, making the Ronin 4D not quite the full package it was billed as.

Plagued with delays and hit by the savage component shortages that are ravaging the entire tech industry lately the DJI Ronin 4D finally has seen the light of day for eager consumers and pre-orderers alike. Sadly though it has been confirmed by DJI that support for the compressed internal Apple ProRes Raw recording will not supported upon release.

To compensate for this DJI have dropped the RRP for the camera down to $6799/£5659 (starting price) and eagerly pointed out that there is support for Apple ProRes 4444 XQ. Clearly this is a huge blow for the camera and for the the excited pros who pre-ordered. ProRes 4444 XQ is a huge codec, with eye watering file sizes and only really utilised by post production graphics wanting support for the alpha channel recording the codec supports. There is some suggestion that perhaps we could see a future shift over to BRAW, but as of yet that is purely specualtion.

Only time and the sales figures will tell how this will affect the camera, but to say it’s going to miss the codec is clearly an understatement.

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