First Images of Fujifilm X-H2

First Fujifilm X-H2 images leaked have been leaked.

The first images of the upcoming Fujifilm X-H2 have been leaked by the FujiRumors website. They’ve received four images that reveal quite a bit about the new camera and what we can expect. The specs still haven’t been officially confirmed.

From the images we can see the D-Pad is still there and that there is no obvious in-camera active cooling syststem. The lack of an in-camera active cooling sytem has been rumoured for quite some time and these leaked images seem to confirm this. Unsurprisingly, the flip screen is there though the images are too low resolution to make out much detail about it.

Sadly the leaked images are too low resolution to get much information from them. One of them is very blurry making it useless for new data on the upcoming camera. Hopefully official news about the Fujifilm X-H2 will be coming soon over the next few months.

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