FotoWelt Air Wireless Lav Mic Review

Is This Really The Rode Wireless Go Killer?

I’ll hold my hands up from the start here. This was one of those impulsive Amazon purchases, born out of curiosity and my constant desire to save money. But considering this came in at £100 I felt pretty confident that it would be of at least a semi-decent quality.  For sure this is clearly a ‘copied’ design from the Rode Wireless Go. A square shaped UHF Wireless Lavalier set, with a built in microphone on the transmitter. But in fairness of it being a ‘copycat’ it does this all with a fair amount of class. 

The box packs just the essentials, no unnecessary thrills here. A square UHF Transmitter with built in mic and 3.5mm input for the included external, omni directional lavalier. The UHF receiver unit also with 3.5mm output, a TRS 3.5 cable for connecting to a dslr or recorder & TRRS 3.5mm cable for any smartphone that still houses one of those. You get the USB for charging, Cold-Shoe adapter and a pretty handy hard-shelled carry case. 

So no thrills in the packaging, but no nasty surprises either. In-truth no one really cares about all of this, we’re hear to see what this actually performs like, so lets get to using it and seeing the good & the bad bits of the Fotowelt AIR. 


Firstly the build quality. And this has surprised me. It’s really, REALLY well built and more importantly really easy to use. The LCD screens are colourful and clear, the USB charging is actually a nice change from my AA powered Sennheiser set and things like the carry case actually all add to the perceived quality of this product. 

The built in mic is trash… well at least in my opinion. As you’re hearing it now, in a indoor controlled environment it’s passable, but take it outdoors with wind and external noise and it’s really a struggle, which kind of defeats the point of this type of microphone. 

To get the best result out of it you definitely want to make use of the Lav mic supplied. This little omni-direction lapel mic is a big step up, offering more protection from external noise. For sure this isn’t the best quality microphone I’ve ever heard, but it’s more than adequate and as a whole package it far outstrips it’s price point.


Lets dive straight into the issue here. This isn’t a Sennheiser G4 and doesn’t offer nearly anywhere near the quality of that. But in reality that is a massively unfair comparison and just shows how much of a audio snob I am! If you were to review the audio quality on a pound-for-pound basis, then this unit is actually right up there and for £100 really has impressed me.

My final niggle is that the battery life isn’t the best, despite my joy at being able to charge the transmitter and receiver via USB, it definitely feels like I’m spending a lot of my time charging these units and although petty, it really does annoy me! 


In all honesty if you’re looking at this set and it sits within your budget, it’s a bit of no brainer as there is very little else out there that comes close. For just 100 quid this set really delivers a lot and does a great job at giving the Rode Wireless GO a really good run for it’s money. However, and as with all things tech, if you can stretch or save then go with the higher priced offerings from Sennheiser, they are just ultimately the best choice. 

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