Free After Effects Templates – Animated Lower Third Title

Yes it’s that time of the week where I decide to push Pete and Ingaf one step closer to bankruptcy by producing yet another totally free filmmaking asset for you, the lazy and cheap filmmakers of YouTube land and this week is a cracker, we have some animated lower third titles.

The animated lower thirds titles for premiere pro. These are some of my favourite little tools for upscaling the production value of your videos. Made in after effects but they totally editable inside premiere pro, providing you have After Effects installed somewhere on your computer. 

To get started you will of course have to have downloaded this template from our website, the links below if you haven’t already done so and don’t worry it is totally free, with the only sacrifice being your email address which I’ll use fill your inbox full of Ingaf Spam. 

Once downloaded you’ll have your free zip folder of dreams, unpack this and then be sure to save this folder somewhere safe as you will need it in the future. 

This next bit is really important so please follow me if you’re unsure.

Heading over to Premiere pro you will need to import the relevant comp file. Head to your project bin. Right Click, Import, find your downloaded After Effects Project and select this. After a minute or so Premiere Pro will ask you which file to import from the selected project file, you need to select the comps folder and then select FINAL. 

This animation will then be placed inside your project bin where you can drag and drop it onto the timeline like any other asset. TO edit the text, select the Clip and then head up to your Effect Controls Panel and click the SOURCE tab where you will need to edit all the fields. Then simply resize and place wherever you want it and you’re done. Finally if you want to change the image you will have to do that in After Effects, sorry, but I mean it is free after all.

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