Fujinon MK X 18-55 + 50-135 T/2.9 Review

Cine Lenses will always be best 

The Fujinon MKX 18-55 & 50-135 T2.9 are a pair of lightweight cine-style zoom lenses, for FujiFilm X Mount cameras with up to a Super 35mm Sensor Size. 

Incorporating everything you would ever imagine in a fully formed cinema lens, from incredibly robust and mechanical design. To fully manual clickless aperture, focus, zoom. Everything about the build and form is almost seamlessly made for an organic video shooting experience. 

Firstly being cine lenses, they are par-focal zooms. This is a key advantage over using photography lenses for video. Par-Focal lenses allow you to to make use of the full zoom range without focus shifting. It’s a beautiful feature to be able to have and one that is always missing when using photography lenses.

On the same vein, the T/2.9 – T22 Aperture is fixed independently of your zoom length. This isn’t something that’s missing just with photography zooms, but also on the lenses of the smaller format camcorder lenses, where often your zoom lens is a variable aperture, only allowing for full open shooting when at the widest end of the lenses focal length. Here, as with any good cine lens, you set your T stop for the amount of light of desired aesthetic you want independently of your focal range. 

Focus breathing is again another issue you see when using hybrid stills gear. You will of all experienced it. When racking focus your shot very slightly shifts in the frame. Again, this just ins’t an issue when using proper cine style par-focal zoom lenses like these fujinon MK’s.

All of these things aren’t an issue until you experience shooting video without them and then you realise what you’ve been missing and unfortunately for my bank balance that’s exactly what these Fujinon lenses have made me realise. 

Of course these lenses are far more than just their functionality and ergonomics, despite those things being incredible in their own right. They represent a relatively affordable and lightweight entry into the the world of dedicate video zooms, with all the quality and allure of the Fujinon brand. 

And I don’t mean that as a throwaway comment, this ins’t a style over substance affair. This is the perfect storm of style, functionality and outright quality. In short, they are just incredible to use and the image rendered is just as impeccably beautiful. 

So are these lenses for everyone? of course not, for the average creator they will be priced out of contention. But for the new professional or freelancer they do represent an incredible investment and a relatively low cost point of entry to the perfect world of par-focal cine style zoom lenses. 

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