GoPro Is The BEST?!

GoPro is the best action camera on the market

GoPro is the best action camera on the market – there I said it and I’m not joking either and it’s not for the reason you think either but as usual I will inflame the situation with an unpopular opinion, rip in to the reason why I think it and then back it up with sound opinion based on facts and perhaps side-swipe a few creators for the hell of it; they deserve it and you know it.

So, if GoPro haven’t released anything new since the 10, why is this thought process even happening?  Well, I’ll tell you and it involves the new 360 insta offering – the “one RS” I believe and “youtubers” who get these new pieces of tech strictly because they have a following that appeals to the marketing strategy.  Now, there isn’t anything wrong with giving a camera to an online camera user with 5 million subscribers in a bid to have them show it off in a way that their viewers will immediately become struck dumb with plausible conviction, run out and buy it, no, not in the slightest.  There isn’t even an issue with a youtuber with the personality of a carrot attempting to mass-market an item of tech if they genuinely believe in the product.

What I do take exception to is the company giving away their new products to people who will only list its ability which could have been read on the website, thus negating the fact to listen to their “bro” spiel that has neither the selling point or the lust to make me want to purchase it.  Find online personalities that are just that…” personalities” that are willing to add their back up to the product and not just spew out corporate shrill because there is a clause to do so – see Potato Jet and the new DJI Matrice, a drone designed for mapping and search and rescue, by a YouTuber who neither maps or searches and rescues (by his own admission)  I also take exception to the fact these freebie junkies just take the offer to have the tech on their person and never actually use it or even give a sound scientific reasoning behind their thoughts on it, good or bad – “DJI gave me free stuff to review even though I don’t care but the masses will see me with it and believe I’m a big deal as a result of it, even though my technical ability is akin to drowning” and it’s this consumerism scandal that makes me sick and is the anchor to my point.

Peter McKinnon reviewed the new Insta camera but couldn’t be bothered leaving the office and instead made a goofy video with no real substance or reason for purchasing such a camera.  The camera itself is aimed as an “action camera” and I’m not saying it should only be used by surfers and road bikers and I’m sure there are people who genuinely get use out of filming coffee dripping or equally as lame content subject matter.  But by not even taking the defining properties of such an item and putting to the scrutiny of the consumer, or at least on their behalf is both a shallow and lazy approach to marketing and embarrassing for the company that provided it.  Yes, sure, thousands will have watched it and 10 might buy it for his antics because they think he’s cool and want to emulate him in some way but the issue there is….he didn’t even try.  There was a time he’d have given a good, educated, balanced and “action” based narrative video about it, but no.  Not anymore because he’s too good for it, he’s past his own level of expectation of what would justify good content for viewers.  The sheeple on his channel see to it and Insta are no better – yes they get a name that at one time was an interesting advocate of tech equipment that came in the form of try and test in the environment that you’d expect or in a professional, corporate, or even hobbyist way that would allow for a spectrum of people to enjoy and even consider purchasing it.

But why is GoPro the better platform?  Well in my opinion they have the better marketing campaign and always have and it’s true that competition is the best form of motivation.  GoPro stood alone for long enough as the action cam king then Insta made a bid and then DJI.  As each iteration came around they tried to better the last in various areas including camera, software, underwater ability, to name just a few but one thing they have done is formed a marketing division that allows you to watch every major extreme sport in the world use their product in that specific environment, showing the user that it is possible to deep sea dive as well fall from space with one of their tiny cameras on their person.  I have never watched some lazy hick from Canada spew second rate info about a GoPro and then suddenly decided to go out and buy one, it’s not who I take my cue from and not marketed towards me.  I have owned every iteration of GoPro since the Hero 3 and can safely say that everyone, at that time, met the requirements for its use and that is from the battlefields of Helmand, deep sea inspection work as a diver and as additional cameras on various TV shows of a global audience – I have paid for every single one of them.  They work and they do what it says it does on the box and I have always advised those who ask me, “is a GoPro a good investment?” yes.  But I can say this as someone who is a DJI user, they make drones and good ones at that, so when GoPro had a stab at it, it was a car crash of a drone and I never bought one.  Much the same with the various iterations of the osmo and eventually to the action cam…not bad but stick to what you know, which GoPro has.

The GoPro adverts, TV spots, marketing, sponsorship of athletes etc all make for a great use of marketing resources because it says you can do this to if you so wish.  If the camera can be mounted to a surfboard and used in a wild surf, then it will do for your kids first school play.  If you keep footage stabilised on your dirt bile while you jump and navigate a hostile terrain, then it will be fine around coffee getting poured in a slow and non-inconsequential way.  The marketing is based on the actuality of the camera, it actually does that and while there are other brands who have the same slick photos on their website, GoPro is a name that is tried and tested and while not for everyone, they don’t need the “Bro-Togs” in a lazy and non-compelling narrative, sitting around their rented office space, firing nerf guns to sell their tried and tested gear.

So, in conclusion – this was merely to point out lazy content creators who seem to make money off the back of tech companies and the people who view the aimless and uninteresting drivel in a bid to make their own life somehow seem great, so do the testing yourself and ignore these view-floozies.  Wannabe fame junkies who have numbers not facts are not a good substitute, they are under orders unless otherwise stated but, who passes up the offer of free equipment?  Not the shallow with a YouTube channel.  You won’t know about the rest because they haven’t advertised the fact online.  

But I maintain that the GoPro is the better camera on the basis of marketing alone and if you handed one to a consumer in the street who isn’t tech savvy, alongside 2 other offerings, the GoPro will be taken more often than not because it has a name synonymous with ability, unlike some of the people who claim to be the expert in their field.

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