Has Canon Discontinued the EOS M6 ii?

Canon EOS M6 Mark II may have been Discontinued

There are reports that the Canon EOS M6 Mark II camera may have been quietly discontinued by Canon. This new report which claims that they have “received reports from two different countries” claiming the camera has been discontinued.

Canon hasn’t announced anything about the EOS M6 Mark II camera yet but this new rumour has given new life to another persistant rumour. There’s been a very persistant rumour that the Canon EOS M system is being phased out for an RF mount APS-C camere line. 

If the EOS M6 Mark II has been discontinued, there are no rumours of a successor to this camera. It seems to be the biggest sign yet that the EOS M system is being phased out by Canon. There is no news about any kind of successor yet but we can expect Canon to announce new cameras later this year.

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