How To Create Swipe Transitions Premiere Pro 2021

You read the title, you clicked the link, all enticed by the prospect of free downloads, so this video is just for you as I show you our latest free preset pack for premiere pro, the slide & swish transitions pack.

So onto this weeks freebie, the slide and swish transition pack. This is for premiere pro if you use something else to edit with I can only apologise at my lack of editing-omnipotence and plead for your anonymous approval in the comments anyway. This is a pack of drag and drop stylised transitions that in truth is super easy to use and will help you make the transitions you’re seeing in this example. 

So to get going you will of course need to have downloaded the preset from our website, the links in the description if you haven’t. You will need to give up your email address to checkout, but I promise I will only email you with tons of unsolicited ingaf spam and pictures of Pete’s face… Not really but there is a super cool email newsletter that you really should already be a part of. 

Once downloaded you’ll be confronted with your zip folder of goodness. Head on over to Premiere Pro, and in the Effects Bin right click import presets, find your new download and bam, you got yourself one imported preset pack. These effects which will now sit forever in your ‘preset’ folder are drag n drop, so will work simply by placing them on your clips, but there is a couple of key points to follow to get this working at its best.

Firstly the transition effect should be placed on the second of your two clips your transitioning between. You want to make sure that your second clip over laps your first as they will then work together to create a visual effect. If you don’t your transition will be ok, but will happen over a black background frame. 

Finally for the best effect place a second cut on the over lap, usually aiming for less than 1 second. Do this before placing the effect on this newly formed clip. As the presets are anchored to the clips length, a shorter cut will mean a quicker transition and in this instance that makes it look a lot better. These will all work without trimming and overlapping but it just won’t be quite as good as it should be. 

So that’s it, one free transition pack for you, no click bait, no filler, no camera backpack up-sell just us trying to help you make better videos and if you want more of that why not consider subscribing and saying hi in the comments.

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