How To Get VHS Look In Premiere Pro 2021

How to use our VHS Effects Preset Pack

It’s Ingaf Filmmaking Freebies Time…That’s not a thing thing is it? anyway it’s time for me to make you the lazy and cheap filmmakers of the world, another free preset for premiere pro, and this week is one of my favourites. The Fake VHS Preset Pack.

Hopefully you’re old enough to know what a VHS is, if not… I hate you. Not really please subscribe I’m desperate for your anonymous approval. VHS was like YouTube, except on tape, in really low definition and never fully rewound. But for those of you nostalgic enough to try and recreate that 1980’s vibe this is the preset for you.

You will of course need to have downloaded the free preset from our shop. Once you’ve got your hands on the zip folder of pure 80’s awesomeness, you will find your beautiful VHS preset pack. Installing is super easy, head over to your effects bin, right click Import preset, find your new download and boom one Ingaf preset installed, free with our own spyware to route through your browsing history… not really, or is it… no is not I promise!!

You would have noticed that after you installed the preset there’s not one but two VHS effects. Now that is value, two for the price one, which was free, I’ve still got to figure this business model out. 

We have a clean and a damaged VHS look, essentially ones just a slightly more amped up version of the other. They’re a simple drag and drop affair, but you will need to render the effect for playback, just hit enter. 

And there you have it. Your videos can now suck as bad as every un-rewound video rental from the 80s did. It is actually quite a cool look and hopefully you guys get some enjoyment out of this free preset pack. Be sure to subscribe to the channel as we make one of these free presets for you roughly every week. And also don’t be afraid to let me know in the comments if there’s any presets or templates you specifically want for your future edits. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time.  

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