How To Make Your Own External NVME SSD For Video Editing

DIY External NVME SSD For Video Editing. Cheaper, 3X Faster, With No Tools

The title isn’t click bait, you can build your own external NVME drive with no tools and speeds 3 times that of the same priced Samsung T5 and best of all is super easy.

If I said you could make your own external 1tb NVME drive, that reads & writes faster than most internal Hard drives you’d probably think it’s click bait or you need some Linus Tech Tips levels of geekery. But it’s not and you don’t, with no tools and very little knowledge I made my own External NVME drive for video editing for less than the cost of a Samsung T5 & it’s 3 times as fast!! I’ll put links below to everything you’ll need for this, and if you use them we get some pennies too which will help contribute towards me bank rolling Pete’s expensive watermelon habit, He’s goes through 3 a day it’s insane!

Essentially we need two items. The NVME drive itself and a Thunderbolt 3 enclosure for it. It’s important that you’re careful when selecting the drive and enclosure as you wan’t to make sure they’re compatible with each other. Also the enclosure you select is very important. A lot are advertised as Thunderbolt 3, when in truth they’re actually USB 3.1 and this will throttle speeds to a mere 1gb/ps… Not the end of the world but still 30% slower than the potential max. For ease just follow the links below, prices to these items vary all the time. Computer components seems to fluctuate like the wind. We picked up the Sabrent Enclosure for around £50 & the Sabrent 1tb NVME drive for around £120.

The beauty of this enclosure is it doesn’t require any tools to set-up. The enclosure opens, exposing the NVME connectors. Making sure your pins align with the connectors, the drive goes in at a 45 degree angle and then pushes down. It’s held in place with a thumb screw. Close the enclosure back up and you’re done.

DIY NVME Speed Test

When you get to the to computer you may need to initialise or format the drive. This stage doesn’t overtly effect performance so pick the format to fit your needs best. On OSX you’ll know it’s worked successfully as the drive shows as a PCIE drive, rather than a USB or Thunderbolt.

You’re now ready to go and to prove how good it really is, here is our disk speed test. Firstly the we’re getting around 1400 mbps read & write and at times up to 1500, which is just insane speeds, perfectly capable of editing large and multiple 4k files from.

To give this some context I ran the same speed test, on the some connection with the blisteringly fast Samsung T5 & T7. The Samsung T5 came it around 500mb/s and the Samsung t7 at 900mb/s. Meaning our DIY thunderbolt drive is almost a clear 3 times faster, for the same cost. In truth even if you only have access to USB3.1 you’re still getting speeds faster than the Samsung T7.

Samsung T5 Speed Test

This is now my go to external drive, when moving projects between computers and also for when editing at home on my MacBook. It would easily cope with being your sole editing drive and for the money and minimal hassle I’d urge everyone to get on board with this. If you do I’d love to know the results you got.

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