How To Transfer MINI-DV Easily

Mark shares the easiest way to breath new life into those old Mini-DV tapes in his latest tutorial; How To Transfer MINI-DV Easily.

It’s time bring those awesome Mini-DV tapes and their beautifully functional cameras back to life. There’s certainly something nostalgic about the aesthetic and magical about the functionality from cameras like the Panasonic DVX100A featured in this video, or Pete’s favourite the classic Canon XL1. The prospect of being able to breath digital life into these cameras is certainly an exciting one, as is (the probably cringeworthy) idea of re-capturing the contents of some of those dusty old Mini-DV cassettes that you may have hiding away.

In this video Mark shows you how to easily transfer your mini DV tapes to a thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) computer. A few adapters and cables are needed, but the SOFTWARE IS FREE… Adapter Centipedes at the ready, it’s tutorial time!!

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