Introducing Doc Rage

So!  Blog! What’s it all about and what will be offending your eyes in the coming future?Well…. I’ll tell you.

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My names Doc and I wanted to share thoughts, musings, a period of reflection or thought if you will about society, the world, events, social media trends and the likes, from the perspective of an onlooker in disbelief sometimes, but probably more from a cantankerous and curmudgeonly style of tone; an exasperated opinion on various forms of day to day life, which many people probably share and will no doubt nod in an “onion face” of approval or with a snort of hearty derision at the claims.  Either way, my point will be validated.  If you are unfamiliar with the “onion face” it is normally reserved for approval of most things when asked…” what do you think?”

But don’t fret; it’s not just me kicking off about something small, insignificant, and stupid, with a sarcasm that can only be deployed by an angry Scottish guy, but I hope to feature other things that please me rather than piss me off.  Although, I’m willing to concede the two are mutually exclusive.  I’m a metal head, a film buff and self-confessed geek and merely looking for an outlet to vent and when I have music, film, or social events that sparks rage or interest, I have this Blog for said venting…a sort of therapeutic release so as not to melt the face off those closest to me.

So welcome to “Dr. Rage”!  An outward exertion of opinion, thoughts and topical venting, leading to a happy conclusion or a seething, inconclusive documentation of the current state of this world and everything in it; a broad brush stroke, I know and not from a medical point of view; this doctor is coming from a more anthropological view of cultural misgivings to the soundtrack of rock & metal; think John Wick meets Cannibal Corpse as a metaphor for vengeful retort with mind melting music as the “eye roll” of society.  But be warned; it’s not from the softly, softly angle and a brutality of truth will be looked at, discussed, and vented and unlike a lot of social media, fact checking will be paramount.  Opinions expressed are mine and mine alone but while I endeavour to express myself in as much as an educated way possible, there are simply no substitutes for expressing disdain and confusing metaphors, as a Scotsman, with the word “Fuck” or various other types of curses, blaspheme, profanities, foul-mouthing etc to express one’s point; not, as some have said, to show a lack of education.  

In fact, Studies have shown, however, that swearing may in fact display a more, rather than less, intelligent use of language.  Swearing appears to be a feature of language that an articulate speaker can use to communicate with maximum effectiveness. And some uses of swearing go beyond just communication….

There it is.  No one’s safe and everyone is included.  An opinionated and outward look at the world that will highlight the sheer, mind numbingly, stupid things that are all too apparent these days but also those who deserve a pat on the back for their ability to swim through the sea of the eejit, divvy, numpty, donut, drongo, fuckbag, pendecho, dick splash, doofus, radge, cockwad, nitwit, twonk, muppet, kretin, nob-head, dil-hole, pillock, cockwomble, and total fuckstick.  There are many more and if you have a favourite, leave a comment down below to what it is.

Anyway…this is the introduction. Short and, hopefully, a suffice explanation to what is coming in each post, albeit I haven’t given any topics for an expletive rage attack on, but no doubt the ever-increasing list of topics that will feature will include and won’t be limited to; 

  • seagulls
  • People who talk in doorways
  • People who order Guinness last
  • The unnecessary use of 110%
  • Eyelashes on car headlights
  • Vegans who think everyone should be
  • Self-entitled tourists
  • Bad customer service
  • And Tories

I hope you enjoy the blog and those that follow, as we continue along the merry yellow brick road of life and its ever-changing range of ability and those who take part; for better or worse. And, if you get offended? Well so what, be offended, nothing happened. You’re an adult, grow up, and deal with it.  

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