K&F Concept VND + CPL Filter Review

Is this the only lens filter you need?

It’s essential for shooting outdoors, and achieving those shots you simply wouldn’t be able to get without it. This article reveals one of my must haves, it’s a bit of a film making hack. So it’s kind of more a REVEAL than REVIEW.

K&F Concept History

Kent Faith or K&F Concepts as they are better known as online, have been around for about ten years. They specialise in photography equipment – and it is perfectly placed in the sweet spot of good quality at what feels like factory pricing.

I have already bought a few K&F products over the years,  such as their lightweight DSLR Tripod for run and gun, So I know what to expect from this brand. They also offer camera bags, lighting and microphones. Infact one of the items I am looking to get is the K&F 100m wireless lavalier microphones.

The Product

This product is a cameraman’s everyday essential kit. For me, it is the product I have to carry to enable me to take the shots that I would struggle to get without it. The ND filter alone will enhance your video footage. Obviously for photography an ND Filter enables you to get better shots in your longer exposures. If you want to get those water flowing shots with some motion blur.. then this is for you. 

So for video you obviously set your shutter speed to double your frame rate. Most of my DSLR footage is shot at 25 frames per second,  so my shutter speed is at a 50th of a second. If I don’t have a ND Filter, Well..  I have to drop my aperture down which is then going to bring the background into focus and make my shot less interesting. An ND Filter fixes that, just one of the many headaches dealt with that you face when filming outdoors.

The Circular polariser or “CPL Filter “ enables me to take more interesting shots, like filming through a reflective surface such as glass or water. The polariser will pretty much, totally remove what is being reflected. I chose the large 82 millimeter mountable filter, as I have step-up rings which will enable me to marry it up to any of my lenses. Being a bargain hunter I really don’t want to buy one  FOR EACH of my lenses!!

Now one of the concerns with stacking multiple filters, is the shadowed “X effect” that you get as the filters rotate across each other. This K&F filter does a really good job at minimising that issue. The gliding handles that enable you to select your chosen setting, is smooth, but doesn’t accidentally fall out of place. It feels well engineered and the materials used are a mixture of metal, glass and plastic making up a total weight of 140 grams.

The Good Bits

Being a two in one filter is definitely a huge advantage,  and it really does make a big difference in eradicating the “x effect shadow” you often suffer with separate filters. The optical glass is scratch resistant and waterproof. If nothing else, many like a filter just to protect the glass of their expensive lens. The serrated design on the outer case makes precise movements very easy to achieve, and the aluminum case makes the filter feel of a quality above it’s price point. 


It’s an extra piece of glass on the end of your perfect lens. No matter how good that glass is, there is always a deterioration to what your lens can deliver at its best. Also, like all ND filters there is of course the dreaded colour shifting that occurs. Now this filter is better than most at minimising that, but it is of course still present as with most ND’s.


I think most will agree that an ND filter is pretty essential and there are many occasions when a CPL filter is definitely desirable, or you simply miss the shot. This simple kit will allow you to manage the amount of light entering the lens and also darken skies. It’s such an effective tool to manage reflections at the same time as bounced light. I have to recommend it as it is one of my hacks and therefore something I keep in the camera bag.

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