Leaked specs Canon RF 135mm F/1.4

A fast 135mm Prime!!

After the announcement last week that Canon will be dropping evelopment of the EF mount for good, in place of the (currently) mirrorless RF mount, we know we’re in store for some exciting lenses. Well today, the team at Canon News have leaked the patent application, with specs for the upcoming Canon RF 135mm F/1.4.

Leaked Specs:

Focal length:  131.00mm
F-Number:       1.41
Half angle of view:  9.38°
Image height:       21.64mm
Total lens length:  182.28mm
BF:                  13.87mm

This only gets me more excited for the announcement of the the EOS R2 (pro) and the future of Canon’s DSLR’s when they switch to the RF mount.

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