Leica M11 Launch Date

Leica M11 camera suspected to be a January 2022 announcement

The Leica Q2 Reporter camera was recently released which confirms the Leica M11 camera will not be coming this year. However, there’s new information that the upcoming camera will be releasing early next year instead.

Leaked image of the Leica M11

News on the Leica M11 has been very limited but Leica Rumors has now been told that the camera will be announced in January 2022. They believe the source for the information is “reliable” so an early 2022 announcement for the Leica M11 is expected.

While the Leica M11 specifications have been heavily rumoured for quite some time, there’s no way to know for sure that these are the specifications. It’s currently thought it will have a 64GB internal memory, a new 60-MP sensor and tethering support. The new camera will also be coming with a new battery and charger while the previous Leica M10, M10P and M10D have already been discontinued. 

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