Leica M11 Will Have 60MP Sensor

Leica M11 is rumoured to have a 60MP Sensor

Following on from the leaked Leica M11 image from earlier this week a leaker has reached out to Leicarumors about the upcoming Leica M11 camera after the recent image leak. The new image leak for the camera reveals what it looks like but the information regarding the Leica M11 was still very limited. Thanks to the new leaker, we have a few more details on the upcoming camera.

According to the new leak:

  • Leica M11 has a new 60MP Sensor
  • Features Tethering Support
  • The new camera is a big step forwards from the current M10 models
  • An official announcement is coming soon
Image LeicaRumours.com

The Leica M11 was expected to be announced last month in November but it was delayed for unknown reasons. An official reveal for it is expected to be coming very soon and it is likely Leica won’t be making any kind of announcement until January to avoid the news getting lost over the holiday period.

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