LitraPro Mini LED Video Light Review

Have you ever wished you just had a light you could pull out your pocket that could save your bacon when you’re really in a fix? Well that light exists its called the LitraPro and its ridiculously good!

Lita are one of those award winning companies that I get excited about when they launch a new product. But as you know I like a deal so I rarely rush out to buy the latest toys… I mean tools.

The specs are impressive for a Mini LED Video light; sitting in the palm of your hand it weighs just 170 grams or 6 ounces. With a lithium ION battery this device headlines a 10 hours run time. It features 2x quarter inch screw threads for mounting and comes with a mount accessory for pairing it to your DSLR or Action camera. The maximum output is 1200 lumens, you can soften the glare by using the silicon diffuser which is included. The colour temperature output can be very warm or very cold with a range of 3,600 to 6000 kelvin.

You also get instant feedback from the controls via an OLED display and the Litrapro will even work under water at a maximum depth of 90 feet.


Devices like the LitraPro are a real issue for me, they fall into a kryptonite category that break me down. If you don’t relate, I’m trying to say it sits in some basic human need I have for a pen knife, a money clip and anything that says its indestructible. I think I was 12 when I first had a Maglite, that was a long time ago and now I have one in every size!!

This is possibly one of the best lights you can ever buy yourself. It is built to be robust to the point where it is waterproof. That excites me, I don’t want to film it dropped into a bowl of water because it costs too much, but I like that if I wanted to film underwater, I could still light it perfectly.

This light is the sort of thing you should always have in a camera bag, there is always a need for additional lighting to add texture, depth and interest in what you are filming.

For the purpose of full disclosure I didnt take the hit for this purchase as I convinced Aj we needed it so it went on the business card. But I have bought enough cheap lights to know that nothing comes close in its build quality, weight, features and performance.

Also if Like Aj you get battery anxiety you can charge the light on the fly by connecting a battery bank, meaning you can relax if your shoot over-runs. 


The run time is headlined at ten hours but if you run it at full brightness it will actually run for 45 minutes. Thats still pretty impressive for such a small device but it does mean the advertised 10 hour run time must be at a very low setting. 


So what have I learnt? If you get hands on with the LitraPro you won’t ever enjoy another hand held LED light. Nothing hits the mark as good as this. It doesn’t hit the sweet spot of quality and price for me. I know it’s high quality but it is also a high price. If there is ever a time where you can buy this for 150 dollars you must buy it. For now maybe it’s the light you should simply aspire to have.   

I hope you enjoyed this article, if you want to view it you can check out our video below. Remember thumbs show love so be careful where you put them!

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