LitraStudio Review

The Ultimate RGB LED Light For Filmmaking

The TLDR version; Hands down it’s the best portable LED light I’ve ever used.

I asked and Litra delivered, a portable, waterproof, RGB LED with huge changeable batteries that is so much better than any other portable LED light on the market, Pete’s not to even allowed touch it. Introducing the LitraStudio.

The worlds most powerful portable RGBWW Light for filmmaking, is what Litra claim the LitraStudio to be and in truth I don’t think they’re wrong. In a modest 5.5 X 3.9 inch footprint they’ve developed a light that can output a maximum flash of 6,000 Lumens. Even in a constant normal operating mode you get an impressive 2,400 lumens all from an interchangeable 9,000 mAh battery which can run for up to 20 hours on the lowest settings.

But brightness is meaningless without control and quality colour reproduction and the LitraStudio offers this too. The fully controllable Tungsten & Daylight LEDs offer a CRI rating of 97+ right through the white balance scale of 2,000 right up to 10,000 Kelvin. To match this impressive level of white light, the RGB modes match up to the same specs, with a fully controllable RGB HSI mode and a whole host of digital gel and lighting effects.

The awesome design and build credentials don’t end with the quality of the light either, taking a look to the back of the unit you get to see further evidence of the LitraStudio’s incredible engineering and ergonomics. A bright easy to navigate OLED display adds a level of use-ability not always associated with complicated LED panels. This is flanked with a host of dials and buttons to control all of the light’s features. To take the user ability a step further Litra have even developed the Litra app for full smartphone control, and for once with camera gear’s smartphone app’s, it doesn’t suck!


Right off the bat in my good bits, is just how well made this light and all the accessories is. The build quality is incredible and certainly meets up to the asking price. The Litra series of lights are designed to be portable, used on the road and probably in fast paced, run n gun settings and the LitraStudio continues this trend. And talking of continuing trends this beast of an LED light is even waterproof up to 10metres. Now unlike when Pete reviewed the LitraPro recently, I’m not going to demonstrate it being dunked, it’s not how I intended to use it and I like it too much to take the risk!

As I hinted at the in specs part of the video, this is incredibly useable light, both in terms of how easy it is to use, but also the size and ergonomics make it easy to always grab n go with. It’s now one of the items of kit that I will always take on any shoot with me. It’s so super user friendly and portable, discreet but not undersized, that it just feels like the perfect light for filmmakers like us, that are often filming in unpredictable or fast moving settings. Having an easy to use and easy to carry light, of this quality and versatility is actually just enjoyable and ensures that unlike a lot of more fragile or fiddly LED panels, that it will actually be used.

Beyond the quality of the unit itself and it’s usability the accessories that are available all also stand up to same high standard set from the light. Things like the silicon diffuser, or barn door honeycomb modifier are no brainer additions to anyone looking at investing in this light. They’re all not only of a very high quality, but also add further levels of control and useability to this LED panel, bringing it out of the casual creator niche and into the pro-level category of camera gear.


Now clearly the Litra Studio is not pocket friendly, it does represent something of a departure from the diminutive LitraPro and LitraTorch’s ergonomics that first brought the Litra brand to everyones attention. For some that may be an issue, but in reality this light is a step up in every regard and caters for a different use to those pocket friendly lights of the past. This is can comfortably cater for a Key light on the go, as well as offering the versatility of hair, fill or even practical lights all in one 6 inch box.

The price point will also make it out of reach for some, which is a shame, as it so good I’d like to see more people using it. But I would happily say that it’s worth every penny of the investment, especially when you paid with Pete’s credit card…


All in all, the LitraStudio and the available accessories represent a huge step up from this great brand, as they’re now catering for more all encompassing lighting solutions. Best of all it offers far more quality, versatility and is far, far bigger and better than Pete’s tiny little LitraPro.

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