Major Nikon Z9 Update

Here’s what the Firmware Version 2.00 brings to the Nikon Z9:

The new firmware update for the Nikon Z9 is here and it’s a big one. The new firmware update adds features that make it feel like a brand new camera. Version 2.00 upgrades the already powerful Nikon Z9 into an even more incredible device. 

Here’s what the Firmware Version 2.00 brings to the Nikon Z9:

  • Enables internal recording in two 12-bit RAW video formats: N-RAW and ProRes RAW HQ
  • Brings various new features for Video Recording
  • Pre-Release Capture added
  • Improvements to AF performance including the addition of a Custom Wide-Area AF
  • Motion Blend function added
  • Save Consecutive Frames added

Full details on the update are available on the official Nikon website here. This includes a more detailed explanation of what each new addition means for the camera along with what each new feature does. The new changes allows the camera to reproduce billions more colours and the N-RAW output option is superb for storage capability.

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