Manfrotto Element MII Fluid Video Monopod Preview

TL:DR – Manfrotto’s Latest Ultra-Light Monopod Offering: The Element MII Fluid Video Monopod

Tripod giants Manfrotto has just added a new member to the highly successful Element ‘MII’ collection – standing for Made in Italy. The latest addition to the lineup being the Element MII Fluid Video Monopod, a super compact and light camera monopod, delivering ultimate footage smoothness in a package that weighs just 1kg. 

Using Manfrotto’s own and patented Fluid Drag System, the monopod benefits from ultra-smooth control in terms of tilting and panning, as well as a simple and high-quality design boasting the lightest monopod kit on the market at only 1kg. 

It seems Manfrotto’s target audience for the ultra-portable and ultra-light new monopod are hobbyists and traveler videographers alike; as it fits a lot of features in such a small packaged, making it ideal to fit in a backpack. But there are practical uses for everyone, not just travelers, as the monopods agility and precise nature may be required in a range of other scenarios. 

The Element MII Video Monopod is the first product by Manfrotto to incorporate their brand new high-performance ergonomic twist locks – allowing for extremely easy and simple set-up and adjustment, yet also offering great grip and quick leg opening, all in an ultra-portable package. 

Also packed with smooth panning action, thanks to the Fluid Drag System, the Element MII can express its tilt positions on the most uneven of surfaces, which shall allow users to take full advantage of pan fluidity in a range of filming conditions that might otherwise prevent it. 

Manfrotto has really tried hard to make this package as simple as possible, even for amateur videographers, and as such has included stand-alone and kit versions of the Element MII Fluid Video monopod. The stand-alone version is as the name implies an easy and ready to use monopod packed in a lightweight aluminum body, supporting loads of up to 16kg whilst staying extremely rigid when extended. The kit version however features a non-detachable compact fluid video head which provides the extremely smooth and flawless tilting and panning, offering light and stable monopod behavior supporting up to 4kg of weight. 

Engineered by Manfrotto, a world leader in photography, videography and imaging equipment and accessories, the Element MII Video Monopod has been specifically designed and engineering to deliver maximum portability hence its ultra-light and compact design, featuring removable, collapsible pan bar and a fully foldable and lightweight head and base feet.

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