Monoprice Microphone Isolation Shield Review

Pro-Level upgrade to your audio for only $60!!

If you have been frustrated with the quality of your voiceover,  it could be because the room you’re recording in is less than ideal, it could also be that you just sound awful and shouldn’t be allowed near a microphone. But, if it is down to your environment then this product could be exactly what you need, The MonoPrice Microphone Isolation Shield.

An isolation shield acts as a makeshift filter for your microphone, minimising the amount of unwanted reflections and room tone picked up by your mic. It works by isolating your microphone from its environment, essentially acting like a portable vocal booth. So if your room has a less than ideal sound, this product is perfect for you. 

The Monoprice Isolation shield is a desktop design, with the hinge mechanism also doubling up as its feet. On the rear of the shield is a simple dual clamp, allowing you to easily attach this to any stand that you own, so you can also use this away from your desk.

The acoustic shield features a high density acoustic foam front, and a vented metal back, which allows the microphone to “breathe”, preventing unwanted reflections within the shield itself.  But, is it actually any good? let’s get to using it to find out.


With all upgrades to your gear, the improvements to quality are always incremental and the same is true here. This mic shield isn’t going to totally fix a terrible sounding room, nor is it going to fix a bad quality microphone for you. But what this does do is give you a step in the right direction. If your recording environment is less than ideal this certainly helps you get one step closer to a great sounding video. 

Beyond the actual functionality of this shield, the build quality is excellent, it’s reassuringly weighty and well machined. Meaning not only will it do a great job but will also likely last well beyond what it’s price point suggests. 


If you are not planning on desk mounting this isolation shield then you must know It doesn’t come with a stand. Which leads to a bigger issue, its weight. It is typically too heavy for most lightweight light stands and a lot of mic stands. I got around this by mounting it on a light stand and using weighted bags on the base. That gives you the ability to raise the shield to a maximum height without concern of everything coming crashing down. 

Now there are cheaper alternatives available online, but as always with cheap gear, buyer beware! Typically the density of the foam isn’t sufficient to achieve decent results and corners will have been cut in the production such as a lack of rear venting.

 Finally it is worth noting that if your voice is just plain horrible this product isn’t going to make you sound any better!


This was a quick fix purchase for me, it got me out of a situation where I needed to record voice overs for commercial work and at that time we hadn’t yet finished acoustically treating the studio. But beyond that I can definitely see the advantages and cost savings to be had from having this for a home studio setup. So if you are looking to record audio books, a voice over for your videos, or you have a good enough voice to be singing out of the shower, this is definitely something you should check out.

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