Nikon D610 In 2019 Video Review

Is This The Best Value Full Frame Camera For Beginner Filmmakers? Nikon D610 2019 Video Review.

Released in 2013, the Nikon D610 can now be found on the used market for a mere £600 & considering it’s original RRP was £1800, that potentially represents incredible value.

Featuring a full frame CMOS sensor, The D610 records 1080p at a relatively low 24MBPS. It is a 6 year old camera, so no 4k or high frame rate recording here & you are stuck with the maximum record time of 20 minutes. 

Nikon D610 in 2019, The Good Bits

The Video output, is genuinely really good. The colours are nice and natural, and you get a really pleasing looking image, without any heavy lifting in post at all. In many respects that’s perfect for beginners or those looking for a budget full frame to work in a rush. 

Build quality – For what is now a budget camera, is superb. It feels like a premium camera in hand, being hardy & weighty. Testament to that quality is the fact that we’re using a 6 year old camera, and it still feels and behaves like it’s new. 

And that leads on to the value it represents. Now, sure there’s some shortcomings which I’ll touch on in a second, but when you consider the price point, for a full frame camera, the D610 represents incredible value. 

Nikon d610 for video in 2019, the bad bits

Autofocus – is a contrast detect system, which is painfully slow and really susceptible to hunting. In fact at times it’s just unresponsive, meaning you have to manually step in to grab focus. This is compounded in lower light situations, where a contrast detect AF just won’t work. In reality, to get the best out of the camera, you want to be manually focussing at all times. 

Low Bit Rate of the captured video is an issue for anyone looking to colour grade or correct. Being only 24MBPS, means there’s very little scope to effect the image without it degrading. 

In reality though, this camera today wouldn’t be aimed at the type of video shooter that would want that level of heavy lifting in post and thankfully the image straight out of the camera is good enough to allow that. 

Ease of Use For Video – It’s not a video camera. And that really shows when using it. It quite clearly is a photographers camera, that happens to shoot video. The menu’s & controls aren’t the most user friendly, especially for those looking to capture content in a rush and things like the lack of a good AF system in video, adds to the overall feeling that the D610 is slightly harder to use for video. 

In Summary

So in summary, the Nikon D610 is a bargain of a full frame camera in 2019. For those newer video shooters with a low budget, it represents a great option to step into the world of full frame shooting. 

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  1. Great video.i have a Nikon right now..nothing compared to that, but I'm put off of Nikon for now mainly because I rather do video than photos. Great video nonetheless

  2. I've been considering getting a Nikon FX body. These are my thoughts as well. That the camera is truly going to be a photographers camera and not a true video camera. Oh, well. Time lapses here I come. Thank you for doing Nikon reviews.

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