Nikon Z8 Coming In September?

Nikon Z8 September release seems more likely

According to known camera leaker how2fly, the Nikon Z8 will be releasing in September or October this year. The leaker posted about this to Twitter ( and also claims there will be no Z7 III or Z6 III coming in 2022. The original post also stated the pricing for the Nikon Z8 will be “lower than expected” which should be “quite appealing”.

While its a very bold claim, the leaker also recently stated that Tamron would announce a new wide angle lens this week. Just as how2fly claimed, Tamron did make the new lens announcement earlier this week. It seems much more likely now that the leaker is correct about the Nikon Z8 release date as well.

The leaker also released this image ( of the HTML code for the Nikon USA website which mentions the Z8 specifically. Specifically, the it states “Nikon Amassador Jerry Ghinis uses the Z 8 mirrorless camera for photography and video. See what he created.” The code seems to be either for advertising a camera or for a new product page.

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