First Images of Nikon Z9 at Tokyo 2020

TL:DR Spotted at the Tokyo Olympics: The Nikon Z9

The Spanish photography-focused online blogsite Photolari posted a series of now deleted posts on their Twitter page earlier last week; the tweets of which have since been recovered and archived thanks to digicame-info featuring images of the hotly anticipated Nikon Z9 camera, offering photographers and camera enthusiasts alike a first-time glimpse of the camera’s rear profile in the wild. 

Taken onsite at the delayed 2020 Olympics that is currently ongoing in Tokyo, Japan, the images released by Photolari allows camera enthusiasts to see the back view of the new camera offering by Nikon – an angle that was not previously publicly seen – although the layout does look a lot alike the Nikon D6.

However, it is important to note that it is highly possible the camera photographed by Photolari was simply a production design and may not have been representative of a completed version of the Nikon Z9, as speculated by onlookers. 

The upcoming Nikon Z9 is rumored to surpass the Nikon D6 and take its spot to be Nikon’s top-of-the-range DSLR flagship camera aimed at professional photographers; hence Nikon obviously taking it out for a spin at the Olympic Games. 

The images released by Photolari show camera enthusiasts what they could expect when the Nikon Z9 is officially released sometime in the fall of 2021 – according to rumors. The images have been met with great speculations on the never-before-seen backside of the camera, with many suggesting it should not be thought of as a complete representation of the final version which will be released to consumers. 

The Nikon Z9 is extremely exciting for those in the photography world, due to its highly impressive rumored technical specifications. The full list of rumored specifications can be found on the Nikon Rumors website, but notable takeaways include a newly developed 45MP high-resolution stacked FX sensor, a brand-new user interface overhaul nothing like the previous D6 flagship, and an integrated vertical grip handle, amongst other highly impressive, rumored specs – all for an estimated $6,000 to $7,000. 

Previously, only front-facing shots of the Nikon Z9 were known to exist – publicly released by Nikon themselves. However, courtesy of Photolari, fans were able to see the newly anticipated Nikon flagship out in the wild at the Tokyo Olympics.

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