Nikon Z9 Specs Confirmed

The Latest Nikon Z9 Rumoured Specs from recent Nikon leak

In our previous article titled Spotted at the Tokyo Olympics: The Nikon Z9 we looked at the brand-new unreleased flagship Nikon Z9’s secret appearance at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. At the time, not much was known about the Z9 – however since then, we have received more intel regarding the rumoured specifications of the latest and greatest camera from Nikon. 

According to rumours, the Nikon Z9 will feature a 45MP sensor and will be capable of up to 160FPS recording, and 8K video thanks to the 45MP sensor – but do not expect it to be widely available to consumers before at least 2022. 

Previous reports and speculations, including official statements by Nikon themselves, only pointed towards a 39MP sensor with 8K capabilities – so the latest report completely blows this one out of the water with a much higher megapixel sensor of 45MP. Although obvious and previously stated, the Z9 will outperform the D6, but with the latest rumored specifications, it seems it will outperform the manufacturers previous flagship camera tremendously

The latest rumoured important specifications for the Nikon Z9 mirrorless camera courtesy of Nikon Rumors are the following:

  • 8256x5504px resolution capabilities thanks to the monster 45MP sensor.
  • 120fps capabilities at least – with some reports indicating up to160fps. 
  • A built-in GPS which will most probably be the Global Navigation Satellite System or GNSS.
  • Multi-leaf blade protective shutter technology for the sensor
  • Car, animal, and people autofocus features as well as low light -7 rated EV. 
  • Improved 3D tracking from the D6. 
  • Expected price of $6,000 – $7,000

It appears that Nikon have combined the D6 and D850 cameras into one with the Nikon Z9, and made it mirrorless. As can be seen by the specs, the Z9 will completely destroy the D6 in every way and will definitely take place as Nikon’s flagship camera. 

However, rumours have indicated that the global chip and global component shortages the world is facing, such as in silicon microchips, has affected the camera industry – and as such it should not be expected for the Z9 to be widely available to consumers before 2022 at least. To take a look at the leaked images of the Z9’s profile, including its rear-facing panel, check out our coverage of the leaked images at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games to see a strong resemblance to the D6’s profile. 

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